Top 100 Cosmetic Doctors in California in 2021

Posted March 19, 2021
2021's Top 100 Cosmetic Doctors in California

Cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity all across the United States and this is especially true in the state of California. Thanks to the glamour of Hollywood, the shopping and dining options of San Francisco and the fashion trends coming out of Los Angeles, many patients travel to California to have a cosmetic surgery procedure. Are you interested in visiting The Golden State to undergo Botox and fillers? Do you want to achieve a “California Cool” look thanks to breast augmentation or a Brazilian butt lift (BBL)? If so, the Cosmetic Town research team is here to help you find the right doctor for your desired cosmetic surgery procedure. 

The following is our list of the Top 100 Cosmetic Doctors in California for 2021:

  1. Dr. Abdullah Khalil
  2. Dr. Al Aly
  3. Dr. Alfonso Camberos
  4. Dr. Andrew Cohen
  5. Dr. Andrew Ordon
  6. Dr. Angeline Lim
  7. Dr. Anthony Griffin
  8. Dr. Arian Mowlavi
  9. Dr. Ashkan Ghavami
  10. Dr. Barbara Persons
  11. Dr. Benjamin Talei
  12. Dr. Bernard Markowitz
  13. Dr. Bobby Aycock
  14. Dr. Brent Moelleken
  15. Dr. Brian Parrett
  16. Dr. Caroline Min
  17. Dr. Charles Chalekson
  18. Dr. Chia Chung
  19. Dr. Curtis Crane
  20. Dr. Darrell Brooks
  21. Dr. Daniel Brown
  22. Dr. David Buchanan
  23. Dr. David Chang
  24. Dr. David Goldberg
  25. Dr. David Kaufman
  26. Dr. Devdas Wali
  27. Dr. Donald Yoo
  28. Dr. Fadi Chahin
  29. Dr. Francisco Canales
  30. Dr. Gabriel Chiu
  31. Dr. George Commons
  32. Dr. Granger Wong
  33. Dr. Gregory Buncke
  34. Dr. Gregory Mueller
  35. Dr. Harry Marshak
  36. Dr. Hoang Bui
  37. Dr. Hongshik Han
  38. Dr. Ivan Turpin
  39. Dr. James Anthony
  40. Dr. James Knoetgen
  41. Dr. James Payne
  42. Dr. Jason Diamond
  43. Dr. Jay Calvert
  44. Dr. Jerome Liu
  45. Dr. Joel Beck
  46. Dr. John Connolly
  47. Dr. John Griffin
  48. Dr. John Grossman
  49. Dr. Johnathan Freed
  50. Dr. Jon Perlman
  51. Dr. Joseph Bernstein
  52. Dr. Joseph Broujerdi
  53. Dr. Joseph Eby
  54. Dr. Keith Denkler
  55. Dr. Khashayar Mohebali
  56. Dr. Kimberly Henry
  57. Dr. Lars Enevoldsen
  58. Dr. Lauren Greenberg
  59. Dr. Lawrence Koplin
  60. Dr. Leif Rogers
  61. Dr. Lisa Cassileth
  62. Dr. Lorne Rosenfield
  63. Dr. Malcolm Paul
  64. Dr. Mark Chin
  65. Dr. Mark Urata
  66. Dr. Michael Halls
  67. Dr. Miguel Delgado
  68. Dr. Moneer Jaibaji
  69. Dr. Nathan Kludt
  70. Dr. Paul Chasan 
  71. Dr. Payam Jarrahnejad
  72. Dr. Rady Rahban
  73. Dr. Rahim Nazerali
  74. Dr. Raj Kanodia
  75. Dr. Ramin Behmand
  76. Dr. Rex Moulton
  77. Dr. Richard Clark
  78. Dr. Richard Kahn
  79. Dr. Richard Lee
  80. Dr. Robert Applebaum
  81. Dr. Robert Green
  82. Dr. Ronald Iverson
  83. Dr. Rudolf Buntic
  84. Dr. Ryan Stanton
  85. Dr. Scott Hansen
  86. Dr. Scott Imahara
  87. Dr. Sharon Clark
  88. Dr. Stephen Daane
  89. Dr. Steven Bates
  90. Dr. Stuart Linder
  91. Dr. Suzanne Quardt
  92. Dr. Thomas Satterwhite
  93. Dr. Timothy Leung
  94. Dr. Umang Mehta
  95. Dr. Vishal Kapoor
  96. Dr. Warren Lent
  97. Dr. William Hoffman
  98. Dr. William Magee
  99. Dr. Ziv Peled
  100. Dr. Zol Kryger

Top 100 Cosmetic Doctors in California – How the Doctors were Chosen

When picking the doctors to make this list, the Cosmetic Team research team kept several factors in mind in order to compile the list. These factors included:

  • The doctors needed to have current board certification to be included in the Top 100 list. If you are interested in researching the certification of a doctor, be sure and check websites such as to get more information on their credentials. In the United States, your doctor should be a member of the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). This organization can only be joined by receiving an invitation which means all of the doctors in the organization are certified by the ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery).
  • Our research team performed extensive consumer research that was focused on the field of cosmetic surgery through the use of an intelligent algorithm. The areas that we focused on included relevant training, proven results, years of experience and patient reviews.
  • We examined the amount of research and peer sharing efforts conducted by the doctors on a regular basis. The doctors had to show an ongoing amount of peer sharing efforts through the writing of medical articles that were created specifically for medical journals. The writing, and sharing, of these articles showed the commitment of the doctors to sharing both their medical knowledge and expertise with peers.
  • The amount of education efforts and interactions with their patients on a regular basis was also examined. We also worked to identify the type of education efforts conducted by the doctors on an ongoing basis. The type of educational efforts conducted by the doctors could include blogs, patient Q&A sections, articles, online or in-person seminars and online educational videos. These education efforts could be conducted on the website of the doctor or on websites designed for patient education (such as Cosmetic Town).

Next Steps for Patients

Now that you have the names of the Top Cosmetic Doctors in California, it is time for you to think about taking the next step in your cosmetic surgery journey. After conducting your own research, contact your doctor of choice from the list above to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your desired cosmetic surgery. The doctor will examine you to determine if you are an ideal patient for the procedure and also answer any questions you have about the procedure as well as the recovery period and the type of results you can expect to see. Cosmetic Town connects patients with the best doctors. Find a doctor in your area!

- MA

John Layke, MD Los Angeles, CA Plastic Surgeon


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