Smile Makeovers - Reasons Veneers are so Popular

Posted June 15, 2021
How can veneers help patients smile

There has been a lot of talk in the past year about the “Zoom Boom” behind the demand for cosmetic procedures. Many people have grown tired of viewing their appearance on Zoom calls because they feel they look older or tired while on their computer camera. The desire to revive or rejuvenate the appearance of a person does not stop with Botox or fillers. Patients are visiting cosmetic dentists in an effort to achieve a “perfect smile” by having a smile makeover using veneers.

The Desire for Veneers Explained

In the past, the word “veneers” brought about an image of patients having an unnaturally bright, white smile. These days, many patients simply want to fill-in gaps in their teeth and address the issue of teeth that are cracked in appearance. They also want to enjoy the protection that veneers provide against discoloration. In other words, they want a look to the teeth that is enhanced and natural in appearance at the same time.

This shift in the desired look for veneers reflects the switch from dated standards of beauty to a move towards a more natural and individual look. In addition, the use of cosmetic dentistry such as veneers can increase the self-confidence and self-image of a person. Many psychologists have found the trend towards authenticity in the appearance of a person means the public is becoming better at self-acceptance and embracing imperfections that might be visible to others.

Factors to Keep in Mind when Designing Veneers

The embracing of individuality can be traced back to the public being more informed thanks to the ability to easily find information they desire on the Internet. The results of veneers can be customized to reflect the facial structure of the individual patient along with fitting the lifestyle of the person. The cosmetic dentist has to keep the diet and eating habits of the person in mind when designing the veneers.  The dentist needs to view the progression of how a person has aged along with any amount of receding or damage to the teeth. Patients are trying to gain a more youthful look to the smile and a healthy look to the teeth.

When it comes to seeing how the person has aged, the cosmetic dentist needs to factor in changes in the soft tissue of the person and even the use of Botox and fillers or the performance of a facelift. These treatments can change the structure of the face and this can make the teeth hard and static in nature. The soft tissue can chance because of these alterations and it might not be the same as it was in the past.

It is also important to remember that creating a symmetrical smile on an asymmetrical face can result in a look that is fake in appearance. Patients that get veneers should get a smile makeover that works with their facial structure rather than simply trying to force the veneers to give them a certain look. The facial structure, along with any asymmetries in its appearance, should be kept in mind so the veneers can be produced in harmony with the asymmetries.

Veneers Process Explained

Veneers process explainedDental veneers can address the needs of one tooth or multiple teeth at the same time. It can take two or three appointments to place the veneers and this process includes the consultation appointment with the doctor, preparing the teeth and bonding the veneers.

There are two methods for manufacturing dental veneers and they are the direct and indirect method:

  • In the direct method, the dentist applies a direct application of the composite resin to the surface of the tooth which means the treatment might be completed in one visit.
  • In the indirect method, the dentist takes impressions of the teeth and sends them to a dental lab where the veneers are created within two to four weeks.

In addition, the dentist might need to prepare the tooth which involves removing about half a millimeter of the natural enamel on the surface of the tooth to make room for the veneer. The amount that is removed is about the same amount of thickness that will be added to the tooth by the veneer. Some dentists only prepare the front of the tooth while others wrap the veneer to the backside of the tooth.

If the veneers are sent off to a dental lab to be produced, the patient might have temporary veneers placed and they are made with a mold that is filled with plastic. The temporary veneer is placed over the natural teeth until the regular veneers are ready to be placed.

Once the veneers arrive from the dental lab, they are placed on the teeth for fitting purposes and to check the color of the veneers. They can be trimmed until they properly fit the teeth and then the natural teeth will be cleaned and etched in order to produce a stronger bond. A special cement is applied to the veneer so it can be positioned on the teeth. A specific light beam is used to activate the chemicals in the cement which causes them to harden in a quick manner.

Veneers and the Smile

Veneers help to give a person a warm and welcoming smile. They also give a person the confidence they need to greet others and not feel ashamed about the look of their mouth. With the CDC loosening mask guidelines as the summer begins, there are many patients that want the ability to confidently share a big smile with others once they do not have to wear a mask on a daily basis.

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