Barbie Makeover for Two - Twins Spend Thousands to Look Like Barbie

Posted October 26, 2023
Meet the twins who had a Barbie Makeover

The desire to look like Barbie has reached a new level thanks to the continuing popularity of the move based on the character. Female patients all over the world are taking steps to have cosmetic procedures that will alter their look to resemble the famous doll. While some of the procedures to gain a look like Barbie include fillers and breast augmentation, many patients only have a treatment or two to alter their appearance a little bit to look like the famous doll. There are also some women who are going “all in” on their desire to change their appearance to look like Barbie.

Barbie Makeover – Twin Sisters Want to Look Like Barbie

Daisy and Dolly Simpson are twenty-six-year-old twins from the United Kingdom who consider themselves to be among “Barbiecore” fans who taken inspiration from the iconic doll. They have spent over $200,000 for surgeries ranging from breast augmentation and rhinoplasty to Botox and a number of other procedures designed to make them look more like Barbie.

Dolly told a news reporter, “Before we had anything done, we just looked basic. We didn’t feel as feminine, and it didn’t feel like our looks matched our personalities or styles. We much prefer to look like Barbie dolls.

Since 2020, the twins have undergone rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, labiaplasty, Brazilian butt lift (BBL), butt fillers, Botox, and veneers as well as other procedures to alter their cheeks, chins, lips, and jaws.

Barbie Makeover – Twin Sisters Speak Out About Their Decision

Twin Sisters Speak Out About Barbie MakeoverOne of the reasons the sisters decided to make the changes to their look is because they spent a good amount of their childhood entertaining fantasies about becoming Barbie. Dolly said, “Before we started having our procedures and surgeries, we were quite insecure about our looks. We’d always loved the look of bright blonde girls, with amazing tans and big boobs who looked like dolls. When we were really young we weren’t sure how we’d achieve that because we weren’t aware of surgery.”

Dolly went on to add, “But ever since we were old enough to know about these things, we couldn’t wait to start the process.

When they reached the age where they were old enough to have plastic surgery, the ladies drew their inspiration from Barbie as well as Playboy bunnies and the Bratz Dolls. Dolly and Daisy started the changes to their look by having labiaplasty surgery, Dolly had her procedure in Romania in 2020 and then Daisy had the same surgery as they “like to have matching procedures so we still look the same.”

The pandemic could not stop them as they had breast augmentation surgery in August 2020. Dolly had both a breast lift and the placement of breast implants while Daisy only had breast implants.

In 2021, they both had rhinoplasty surgery and, while they asked for the procedures to be identical, Dolly said they “don’t feel like they are exactly the same.”

Since that time, they have “both been keeping up with our cosmetic procedures that really help us achieve the doll-style look.” Dolly admitted they have “filler in our cheeks, jaws, lips, noses, and chins, as well as Botox to keep our skin as smooth and line-free as possible. Daisy also had filler in her bum to help make it bigger.”

The changes did not stop there. In 2022, the sisters went to Turkey so Daisy could have labiaplasty to rejuvenate the look of her vagina. Dolly had veneers placed in her mouth and also had BBL surgery. Daisy also plans on having a Brazilian butt lift at some point in the future to match the look of Dolly.

Barbie Makeover – Making Plans for Future Changes

Even though they claim to be happy with their altered appearance, the twins have plans for future changes to their body. Dolly wants “another BBL because I haven’t quite got the results I was after from this one. However, it is a long process because you have to gain weight so that there is enough fat to transfer.” If she is not able to gain enough weight, “I’d definitely consider have bum implants if my BBLs don’t look dramatic enough.”

She added, “We also both want bigger boobs and another nose job to hopefully make them more identical. We’re so happy with how we have managed to achieve our looks.”

This pair of twins is not alone in their desire to look like Barbie. Women who have decided to have rhinoplasty have been displaying their results using the hashtag, #BarbieNose, on TikTok. It has even been reported that one doctor in Long Island is offering a “Barbie transformation package that includes modifications to the face, body, and hair.”

It appears that the opportunity to look like Barbie is still big business and will not be slowing down at any point in the near future.

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