Should Medical Professionals Suggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery?

Posted September 08, 2022
Medical Professionals suggesting celebrity plastic surgery

The world of celebrity plastic surgery is one that has a lot of interest on the part of the public. Fans of celebrities often take great pleasure in assessing the changes they think they see in the look of their favorite stars, and they often try to achieve the desired changes in their own appearance. Many social media users post photos and videos of celebrities and solicit the opinion of others about the new or altered look of the celebrity in question. While it seems like no one really minds if the average person discusses cosmetic surgery and celebrities, there was a recent video posted online by a medical professional that brought into question whether medical professionals should be able to criticize the appearance of celebrities who might have undergone plastic surgery. The nurse who posted the video also caused anger among celebrity watchers for suggesting what she would do to make changes to the look of a certain celebrity.

Nurse Makes Suggestions to Alter the Appearance of a Celebrity

Natalia Dyer Appearance AlterMiranda Wilson is a beautician on TikTok who has described herself as an aesthetic nurse practitioner injector. She has a TikTok account, @np.miranda, where she recently posted a video where she outlined the changes she would make to the appearance of Natalia Dyer (best known for her role on “Stranger Things”) in order to enhance her look.

Once the video was posted, the fans of the 27-year-old actress let it be known that they were not fans of the conversation as they referred to it as “toxic” and “highly insulting”.

In the video, Wilson referenced the prominent bottom jawline of Dyer by saying, “We’d start by treating those masseters…to help slim the face.” Wilson also stated that she would want to add “a bit of chin filler just to help fill out her chin and make her face more of a heart shape.”

The proposed changes went on to include both the brow area and the lips of Dyer. Wilson said she would want to “add just a little bit to lips” while also doing “a little bit of Botox (to) give her a nice brow lift to help open up her eyes. And to top it off we’d start with some Sculptra, she does seem to have more thin skin and we want to prevent that from getting thinner and create more collagen.”

The video ended with a “before and after” picture that was Photoshopped in order to show how Dyer would look with the proposed changes including lifted brows, a jaw with a slimmer appearance, lips with more of a pout, and a pointy chin.

Stranger Things Fans Speak Out About the Video

Once the video was posted by Wilson, fans who viewed it were quite angry and went on to say the Photoshopped changes had left the actor “ruined.”

As often happen on social media, those who viewed the now-deleted video shared their thoughts. Some of the posts about the video included the following comments:

  • “Disgusting”
  • "One of the reasons why girls today are so insecure”

Even though Wilson deleted the original video, downloaded copies of the video continued to be uploaded to other social media sites such as Twitter. In other words, the anger and uproar over the video continued to light up social media:

  • “Still can’t believe a plastic surgeon (sic) spoke on what she’d change about someone’s face without a) their consent, b) any indication that the person disliked those features and c) putting a disclaimer that the person is already beautiful as they are”
  • “Like I cannot believe she ‘influencerfied’ her face completely unprovoked as if it was a free consultation”

Did the Follow-Up Video Work to Calm the Public?

With all of the uproar and backlash surrounding the video, Wilson decided to post a follow-up video where she addressed her first video. In the follow-up, Wilson said she wanted to “clear the air” about her intentions with the first video and she also stated that she “didn’t mean to offend anyone. I was simply offering suggestions – not on what you have to do – just on what the possibilities are.”

Wilson went on to add, “As an advanced injector, that is what we do – we look at faces and assess and look at the possibilities.”

In the spirit of assessing and suggesting possible changes, Wilson took a look at her own face and made suggestions about possible improvements that could be made through cosmetic procedures as varied as a brow lift, Botox, and lip and cheek fillers.

The new post was captioned to say, “Natalia is absolutely stunning the way she is” while also pointing out to those viewing the video that her Photoshopped image was nothing more than an “example.”

The follow-up video had the ability to leave comments disabled but that did not stop social media users from taking to Twitter to share their thoughts:

  • “She posted a sorry, not sorry video where she completely missed the point of what the original complaint was”
  • “If Natalia Dyer, a white and thin and conventional woman, gets scrutinized on her appearance like this, what happens to all the young impressionable poc/mid-size/plus-size girls watching?”

Wilson learned a lesson that unsolicited advice and suggestions is not always welcome from medical professionals when it comes to the look of celebrities.


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