Presidential Hair Transplant Secrets – Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump

Posted August 20, 2020
Presidential Hair Transplant - Joe Biden and Donald Trump

This week can be viewed as the “official start” to the race for the White House. The Democratic National Convention is this week and the Republican National Convention is next week. Joe Biden and Donald Trump will officially accept the nominations of their political parties and continue their campaigns to win the election in November. Even before they became rivals for the highest office in the land, Biden and Trump were also competing against each other when it came to the results of their suspected hair transplants.

Presidential Hair Transplant Secrets – Biden and Trump Hair Restoration Results

While some people are focused on the war of words between the two political rivals, Cosmetic Town News is taking the time to spotlight the hairline restoration challenges they have faced when it comes to the hair on their head.  We examined the suspected plastic surgery of Joe Biden right here and we also discussed the gossip surrounding Donald Trump’s hair right here as well as here and here. Since both of these men will be in the news for the next few months, it seemed the ideal time to discuss their hair restoration procedures again.

Cosmetic Town TV recently devoted a hair comparison segment to the two candidates and now it is time for our news team to do the same. Since the Democratic National Conventions is this week, the first candidate we will spotlight is Joe Biden:

Joe Biden Hair TransplantJoe Biden – The man that is trying to defeat Donald Trump has long been suspected of having a hair transplant. A quick look at many pictures of Joe Biden from a much younger age show some evidence of a high class of hair loss on his scalp. According to the Norwood Scale, which is the leading classification system used to determine the extent of male pattern baldness, Joe Biden would likely classify as Class VII (one of the highest classifications of hair loss) based on his photos. Regardless of his advanced signs of hair loss, Biden does appear to have a rather nice hairline in the front. The issues with the balding area on his crown could be as simple as a lack of enough donor hair on the back and sides of his scalp, or elsewhere on the body, to perform hair restoration on the balding area of the scalp.

When it comes to patients with advanced hair loss, like Joe Biden, proper planning should have been performed to avoid the appearance of a bald patch on the scalp. Despite Biden having a hairline that can be considered to be quite youthful, a patient with a hairline like Joe Biden should have a hairline that was placed in a manner that can be best be described as “more posteriorly”. A hairline that has this appearance is known as a mature hairline and is often seen in Caucasian men over the age of 50. The creation of a hairline that is higher in nature can save additional hair follicles that can later be used in the crown area of a person. Even if the crown area cannot be completely restored, the appearance of a crown that is lightly covered has a more natural appearance along with a more mature hairline.

Now that the hairline of Joe Biden has been discussed, it is time to examine the hairline of Donald Trump AKA the man who will headline the Republican National Convention next week:

Donald Trump Hair TransplantDonald Trump – When it comes to political candidates and their hairline, Donald Trump might be the leader in gossip and speculation about the appearance of the hair on a person running for any type of political office. The signature comb-over of his hair has led to a good amount of gossip about what he might be trying to hide on his scalp. The subject of Trump’s hair loss, and his signature hairstyle, has been covered by the press for years. The topic of his hair entered the political arena during the 2016 presidential campaign when Donald Trump used the hairstyle of Hillary Clinton as a way to both ridicule and attack her during the campaign. Many people could not believe that Trump was making fun of the hair of another person when his own hair has been a subject of many celebrity hair transplant conversations over the years.

It has been speculated that his comb-over is Trump’s way to cover a scar from scalp reduction surgery or a scar in the front of his hairline that could be the result of a flap surgery. It should be noted that flap surgeries are not performed anymore to address the issue of hair loss thanks to advances in hair restoration techniques. In the past, a hair transplant surgeon would bring a strip of hair baring skin from the donor area, located on the sides or back of the scalp, and move it to the front of the hairline. The flap was rotated by the surgeon, with its original blood vessels intact, and this would allow a section of very thick hair to be brought to the hairline. However, there were often multiple problems with the appearance of the hairline after a flap surgery was performed. These hairline issues included a visible scar where the strip of skin was removed and an unusually high density of hair on the hairline while leaving a balding area that could be rather large immediately behind the high density of hair.

Biden vs. Trump – Is There a Hairline Hero?

Whether it is a political speech at a convention where someone is trying to explain why their plan for America is the best idea for the country, or simply a job interview at a retail store or business, a person will want to look as attractive or engaging as possible in front of others. A full head of healthy hair can give a person a youthful appearance as well as a successful image.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have experienced hair loss in the past and both men have taken steps to address the issue of their thinning hair and balding scalps. When it comes down to “who looks the best” AKA who is the “hairline hero” of the 2020 race for the White House, the final decision will be made by the public. It is up to the personal opinion of the voting citizens of the United States to determine which candidate they want to see in office for four years as well as which candidate has the hairline they feel looks the best after undergoing a hair restoration for men procedure.



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