Plastic Surgery Benefits - Learn about Them

Posted March 15, 2021
Benefits of having plastic surgery

When the public thinks of plastic surgery, they often imagine the changes and enhancements made to the body by breast augmentation, a facelift or rhinoplasty. There are multiple plastic surgery benefits available to patients beyond the obvious changes to the appearance of the targeted area of the body. We’ve listed some of the benefits of plastic surgery that you might not know about (yet) but they can help you make an informed decision about having a procedure in the future.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

  • Better Physical Health – In addition to providing the desired changes to your appearance, plastic surgery can also provide improvements to your physical health. In other words, plastic surgery can be performed for functional reasons as well as aesthetic reasons. For example, rhinoplasty is performed to make changes in the size, shape or appearance of the nose. The procedure can provide a more refined look to the nose as well as reduce or eliminate imperfections such as a dorsal hump (cartilage or bone irregularities).  Besides these aesthetic changes to the nose, rhinoplasty can also be performed to help improve the ability of the patient to breathe easier on a daily basis.
  • Improvement in Self-Confidence – The idea that you look good to others makes you feel positive about yourself and your appearance. Enhancements and augmentations to your appearance through plastic surgery do more than make the desired changes to the look of the body. You will also often enjoy an increase in your self-confidence which can give you a better self-image and a willingness to try new activities that you might have been unsure about being part of in the past.
  • Increased Opportunities – There is an old saying that states people “should not judge a book by its cover”. In other words, you should not form an opinion about a person based solely on the outward appearance of the person. While this is good advice, it is not always the case as many people undergo plastic surgery to try and gain more professional opportunities and/or remain relevant in the business world.
  • Less Anxiety – Dissatisfaction with the appearance of your body can cause anxiety about being viewed by others on a regular basis. There are some patients that have reported a reduction in their social anxiety after undergoing plastic surgery. The improved confidence in their appearance can make them less worried or stressed about being in front of others in professional or social situations.
  • Tighter and More Contoured Skin – Patients that have lost a large amount of weight have found their lives transformed by the changes to the body. In order to maintain the weight loss, they often adopt a healthier diet and begin to exercise on a regular basis. Even though they are happy with the weight loss, patients are sometimes left with skin that is loose or sagging in appearance. In order to reduce the amount of sagging skin on the body, they will turn to procedures such as a tummy tuck or a thigh lift to reduce or eliminate the appearance of loose skin and enjoy a tighter and more contoured shape to the body.
  • Reconstructive Benefits – Cosmetic surgery is sometimes viewed as the best option for making necessary reconstructive improvements in the physical appearance of a person. A common example of a reconstructive cosmetic surgery that can make positive functional and aesthetic changes to the appearance of a person is surgery to improve the cleft lip of children. The surgical procedure can improve the ability of the child to breathe and speak while also making a positive change in the aesthetic appearance of the patient.  When it comes to adult reconstructive surgery, cancer patients who had to undergo a mastectomy to remove the breast often have reconstructive surgery to create a new breast shape where the breast was removed.

How to Take Advantage of Plastic Surgery Benefits

If you are interested in having plastic surgery for aesthetic or functional reasons, the first step is to schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor that is experienced in performing the procedure of choice. The doctor will examine you to determine if you are in good health and an ideal candidate for plastic surgery.

The doctor will also talk with you to determine your motivation for wanting to have plastic surgery. It is important that you want the surgery because of changes you wish to make to the body and not have a procedure to make someone else happy with your appearance.

It is also necessary for the doctor to set realistic expectations when it comes to the final results of the surgery. You will need to know the type of results you can expect to see as well as the extent of the results that can be achieved by the procedure of choice.

Once you are in agreement with the doctor about the best plastic surgery option to achieve your desired results, the procedure can be scheduled so you can begin to take advantage of the benefits of plastic surgery.

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