Nonsurgical Neck Lift - How Does it Work?

Posted December 12, 2023
How it works for nonsurgical neck lift

The skin of a person will start to show signs of aging as they get older. One of the main areas of the skin that is cared for as it ages is the skin on the face by having a facelift or a brow lift. The skin on the face is not the only section of the body where aging is noticeable as the skin on the neck can also start to show signs of aging. A traditional and invasive neck lift is performed to give the jaw an increased amount of definition and give the neck a younger and slimmer look thanks to lifting and smoothing sagging skin in the treated area. For patients who do not want to undergo an invasive neck lift, there are nonsurgical options available to them. Let’s take a look at the benefits and methods of performing various nonsurgical neck lifts on patients who want to enjoy a younger and smoother look to the neck.

Nonsurgical Neck Lift – Benefits Revealed

One of the main benefits of a nonsurgical neck lift is its ability to give the neck a more youthful appearance by reducing the look of neck folds and wrinkles in the treated area. In addition, the tone and texture of the skin can be improved, and the contour of the neck will look younger and more refreshed.

A nonsurgical neck lift also has a quicker amount of recovery time, and the actual length of the recovery period depends on the technique performed by the doctor. The average recovery time can range from a few hours to a few days and patients will experience some swelling, redness, and tenderness in the treated area. Since the noninvasive method does not require the patient to need general anesthesia or large incisions in the treated area, the overall chance of risks after the procedure are less than an invasive treatment.

The actual procedure requires less time to perform as the average nonsurgical face lift can take anywhere from a half hour to ninety minutes to perform (as opposed to a surgical neck lift which can take multiple hours to perform).

Nonsurgical Neck lift – Treatment Options

Treatment Options Nonsurgical Neck LiftWhile the list of treatment options discussed in this section is not comprehensive, these are some of the most popular nonsurgical neck lift procedures currently being performed:

Botox is an injectable that is often used to lessen the look of wrinkles in the treated area. It is also used off-label to reduce the amount of muscle movement in the neck as well as relax the amount of downward pulling that is experienced by the neck muscles. If Botox is used by the doctor for a nonsurgical neck lift, it is placed along the neck and the vertical neck bands. The final results are not permanent, and a follow-up treatment will be needed every three to four months.

Fillers are able to restore lost volume in the skin and also reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They are also sometimes used off-label to promote collagen growth in the neck and give the jawline an improved amount of definition. The results can last anywhere from six to twelve months so additional treatments will be necessary to maintain the results.

A laser treatment is available to treat the neck using an ablative fractional laser. This type of laser treatment addresses a certain area of the skin while the surrounding skin is not impacted by the laser. In order to create heat damage and selective destruction to the first two layers of the skin, a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser or erbium laser is used, and the results include an increase in collagen growth, improvements in the texture of the skin, and a tighter look to the treated area. It is an ideal option for patients with moderate signs of aging on the skin along with the appearance of jowls or lax skin. The results can last for several years, and the length of the results depends on the extent of the treatment and how well the patient takes care of their skin after the procedure.

Patients who are experiencing a mild amount of neck fat in the upper neck and under the chin might be able to use Kybella to improve the contour of the neck. Kybella is made of deoxycholic acid which breaks down fat cells and also metabolizes them. The fat cells that are removed using Kybella are permanently removed and will not return. It might take multiple treatments to gain the desired final results.

Ultherapy is an ultrasound treatment that penetrates the skin in order to treat the subcutaneous layer of the neck and chin. The treatment stimulates collagen growth and gives the skin a younger look in the area of the chin and neck. The results are achieved by applying ultrasound gel to the skin and then placing a smooth applicator against the skin. The ultrasound imaging is able to see deep within the skin to identify the ideal placement of the ultrasound energy. Then, the focused ultrasound energy is delivered below the surface of the skin. It takes two to three months to see the results and the length of the results can last up to a year.

The ideal choice for a nonsurgical neck lift treatment depends on the condition of the skin of the patient and the type of results they hope to achieve. The treatment choice will be determined after the current condition of the skin is examined and identified by the doctor.

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