Is There New Proof Donald Trump had a Hair Transplant?

Posted February 20, 2018

The mystery behind Donald Trump’s hair has been in the news for years. Trump has always maintained that his hair is natural while others have always suspected some form of hair restoration on his part. A recent photo of his hair blowing in the wind has led some plastic surgeons to suspect Trump had a hair transplant or scalp reduction surgery.

On February 2nd, Trump was walking up the steps of Air Force One as he prepared to fly to Mar-a-Lago. As he climbed the stairs, his hair was whipped by the wind and blown up in the air. A flap of hair flipped over on the side of his head and exposed what appeared to be a bald spot as well as a scar.

As far back as 1990, Ivana Trump, in a divorce deposition, claimed Donald Trump had scalp reduction surgery in 1989. He denied the claim in 1993 and has insisted his hair is real since that time. As recently as this year, Michael Wolff, in his book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” claimed the president had scalp reduction surgery in the past.

The Daily Beast, a news and opinion website, spoke to a medical professional about the speculation surrounding Trump. The doctor told the website that scalp reduction surgery involves cutting away pieces of the scalp (that are bald) from the crown. The surgery is done in order to push parts of the scalp with more hair closer together. 

Johns Hopkins University professor of otolaryngology, Dr. Lisa Ishii, told the Daily Beast the operation is difficult and dangerous. She added that scalp skin tends to be very stiff so it is hard to pull edges of the skin together if anything larger than a half dollar size piece of skin is cut out of the scalp.

In addition, Dr. Ishii referred to scalp reduction surgery as “outdated”. She said the majority of patients have a hair transplant in order to cover balding areas on the scalp.



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