Out of This World Cosmetic Surgery - Man Wants to Look Like a Space Elf

Posted July 12, 2023
See why this man wants to look like a space elf

People that attend comic conventions and fantasy conventions often dress up as their favorite character and this is known as cosplay. The person can take the cosplay notion a bit further by making their appearance a form of performance art where they inhabit the identity of the character they are portraying or representing. One man has decided to take the idea of being another character a bit further by having cosmetic surgery that will make him look like a “space elf.”

Why would he decide to make this drastic change to his appearance? Keep reading for the answer!

Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like a Space Elf – Reasons Revealed

Luis Padron is a twenty-seven-year-old man from Argentina who is also a big fan of fantasy and mystical creatures. As of the publication of this article, Padron has undergone over forty surgical procedures to look like a “space elf.” In total, his quest to achieve this look has cost him $80,000 to obtain his version of beauty.

In an interview with a reporter, Luis Padron said, “It’s my own view of beauty so I’m happy to look like that. I know I can sound crazy for some people, but I am a plastic surgery model, that’s what we do. It’s not different from people who cover their entire body with tattoos or get piercings all over. Being a plastic surgery model means that doctors and hospitals offer you surgeries in exchange of advertising. I usually pick the ones with best reviews, and only procedures that I really need. I must be careful with that or I can end up in coma one day.”

Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like a Space Elf – “Necessary” Procedures Exposed

As mentioned above, Padron says he only has “procedures that I really need.” If that is the case, here is a list of his “necessary” cosmetic procedures:

Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like a Space Elf – How it Started

His desire to look like a “space elf” dates back to his time in high school. According to this “space elf,” he was viewed as being an “outcast:” in high school so he turned to the fantasy world to try and find some comfort and consolation.

With the assistance of his cosmetic surgery procedures, Luis Padron is able to achieve and embrace the otherworldly look that he has wanted for years. Padron also told the reporter, “I want to achieve my dream of being an elf-like creature, a fantasy being. I want my face to look like a work of fiction, such as elves, vampires, angels, or aliens.”

Padron summed up his quest by saying, “I don’t mind looking grown-up, but I want to look like a fantasy and am happy looking exotic as that’s my own perception of beauty.”

Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like a Space Elf – Are Extreme Procedures the New Normal?

The last few years have seen some cosmetic surgeons start to sound the alarm against what they view as the new “Alienized Look” that they feel is becoming more prominent and popular. They fear that things have gone wrong in the field of aesthetics due to procedures such as patients getting too much Botox and fillers to the point that they look like aliens. Some surgeons have also spoken out against high-winged eyebrows and an overabundance of fillers in the lips so the patient has lips that vertically project for a severe look.

It has been the opinion of some in the medical industry that cosmetic surgeons who make these extreme changes to the look of a person are trying to create a new anatomy that does not exist. The changes can be so extreme that the patient looks like another species since the face is often being manipulated past the normal boundaries of the treated area.

In addition, there is a belief that overpulling or overly inflating areas of the face will work to counteract the aging process. However, this is not the case, and the patient often ends up looking like a character from a fantasy novel.

The desire to make drastic changes to the appearance of a person can stem from childhood bullying or a general dissatisfaction with their look. They might also be in search of social media fame, a boost to their self-esteem, or a belief that changing their appearance in any manner will solve any issues they are experiencing in life. It is up to the doctor they visit to learn more about the reason they want to make such drastic changes to their appearance. In addition, the doctor needs to educate the person about how these changes might make a permanent alteration to their look and help them understand that a change in their appearance does not automatically mean a positive change in their life or self-image.

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