Man Makes Fiancé Get Plastic Surgery - Should They Break Up?

Posted December 28, 2023
See why a man makes his fiance get plastic surgery

No matter the gender or age of a plastic surgery patient, there is one especially important factor in the decision to have plastic surgery. It is vital that the decision to have a procedure such as breast augmentation, facelift, Brazilian butt lift (BBL) or any other plastic surgery treatment is being made to fulfill the desires of the patient. A person should never make any alterations or enhancements to their appearance in order to make someone else happy. If the patient has a cosmetic procedure to try and please a loved one or significant other with the changes to their look, it will likely not end well, and it might even result in the patient reconsidering their relationship with the person requesting the alterations. Let’s learn about one woman who is thinking twice about her love life since her fiancé made her undergo plastic surgery in order to continue their relationship.

Man Makes Fiancé Get Plastic Surgery – The Story of the Request Revealed

Man Makes Fiancé Get Plastic SurgeryA woman recently shared her tale of plastic surgery by revealing that the idea to have a cosmetic procedure was not her choice. In fact, she is considering not going through with her wedding as the plastic surgery request was made by her significant other. In addition, her boyfriend asked her to undergo a specific procedure before he would propose to her.

The twenty-seven-year-old woman took to TikTok to get the advice of those watching the video that shared her story. The woman said that her thirty-seven-year-old fiancé approached her with the plastic surgery request after they had been dating for two years.

The woman said, “My fiancé is a doctor and makes around $5000,000 per year. He is very kind, he helps the poor and does lots for charity. His family are amazing and we do get on really well together and laugh a lot.

As she continued to share the story about the request from her doctor boyfriend, the woman explained that he said he would consider proposing to her since they had been together for so long. However, the idea behind proposing to her came with some strings attached to the request. “He ended up giving an ultimatum that he would like me to get liposuction on my legs because this is something he’s really not attracted to.”

There were multiple ways this request could have gone. The woman might have yelled at her boyfriend, she could have cried or simply screamed at him and each of these reactions would have been justified. Her reaction was one of agreement and she told the audience on TikTok what happened next. “I agreed to this and he paid for everything. So I went ahead and got the surgery. We are now engaged.”

Man Makes Fiancé Get Plastic Surgery – Was the Boyfriend Happy with the Results?

While agreeing to have the surgery seems like it would have solved the pressing problem and made her fiancé happy, the story does not have a completely happy ending. According to the woman, the continuing problem is that her fiancé is still not attracted to her even after the liposuction procedure.

The woman went on to add, “He never compliments me. He never touches me or shows me affection. I’m also in grad school and relay on him completely, financially. We’ve been planning our wedding, which is really tiring but he’s told me that I have no right to complain because I don’t contribute anything; and he said he doesn’t work hard all day long for me to be a moaner.”

Once she was finished with her relationship story and the reason she had liposuction, she turned the discussion over to her TikTok audience. She asked her online audience for advice as she was not sure if the request for plastic surgery before a wedding or even before being asked to marry someone was a normal occurrence. At this point, she “doesn’t know what to do” and she is not even sure if she should go ahead with the wedding.

One TikTok viewer said, “This is not normal. Do not marry him.” Another person replied with the answer, “Excuse me, he’s 10 years older than you? Why should you be getting plastic surgery? That doesn’t make sense.”

A third viewer said, “Girl run. You should get plastic surgery for yourself, not anyone else.”

Plastic Surgery – A Personal Choice

As mentioned earlier in this article, the decision to have plastic surgery is a very personal one and should only be performed if the actual patient wants to make the desired changes to their appearance. The patient should have a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor to discuss the reasons they want to have the surgery. If the doctor determines that it is not the patient that actually wants to have the plastic surgery, the doctor should not perform the requested surgical procedure.

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