Male Cosmetic Surgery - Hot Treatments in 2024

Posted January 05, 2024
2024 hot cosmetic procedure trends

Cosmetic surgery is no longer a strictly “female” treatment option as male patients have cosmetic treatments to gain a younger look and improved aesthetic. As the New Year begins, let’s take a look at what type of procedures are popular among male patients as well as the reasons they want to have these treatments.

Male Cosmetic Surgery – Why Men Have Cosmetic Procedures

Why Men Have Cosmetic ProceduresThere are multiple reasons why men want to have a cosmetic procedure but two of the most common reasons are reducing the signs of aging and wanting to look younger for both a personal and professional boost to their image and self-esteem. There is also a belief that the desire to be attractive and stylish is no longer seen as being “vain,” so more male patients are comfortable with the idea of making enhancements and improvements to their appearance.

In a report from last year, the National Institutes of Health stated there was “an increase in male-centered plastic surgery procedures” according to data collected in 2021 by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. The study made use of the Google Trends tool to measure popular search terms related to male plastic surgery. According to the study, this tool is considered to be an effective way to “determine a relationship between public interest in plastic surgery after the celebrity popularization of specific procedures.” The authors of the study also believe that “male interest in plastic surgery will continue to increase with time.”

Male Cosmetic Surgery – Possible Popular Procedures in 2024

When it comes to the twelve-month period that is just starting, there are certain male cosmetic surgery procedures that look to be popular among patients. Keep reading to learn the names of the treatments, how they are performed, and why they look to be popular.

Male Breast Reduction

The idea of men having breast reduction surgery is more common than the public might realize. Gynecomastia surgery is performed to reduce the breast size of male patients who have enlarged or overdeveloped breasts. These issues with the breasts can be the result of obesity, hormonal changes, or heredity.

Male breast reduction, which is also known as reduction mammaplasty, can be performed using two techniques. If the overly large breasts are the result of excess fatty tissue, liposuction can be used to loosen the excess fat so it can be removed using a cannula. If the surgeon needs to remove any glandular breast tissue or excess skin, the surgeon will likely use an excision technique to surgically remove the targeted area of the body. Excision can also be used if the nipple needs to be repositioned or the areola needs to be reduced.

Facial Augmentation and Contouring

A chiseled and defined jawline is often viewed as being a sign of masculinity which means this look will be on the radar of male patient of all ages. Jawline filler and cheek filler give the treated area a greater amount of definition and an improved contour. There has even been some unconfirmed speculation that jawline enhancement is the most popular facial aesthetic procedure for male patients after Botox.

Besides having filler placed in the jawline, other facial augmentation and contouring procedures remain popular among males. Some of the facial augmentation procedures men often have performed include otoplasty (to reshape the ears), facelift, and neck lift. Men are looking for results that are subtle in appearance, so the results are usually natural and not “so obvious” that others can realize the patient had a cosmetic procedure.

Male patients also seem to be more comfortable with the idea of learning about, and undergoing, treatments that involve fillers or energy-based resurfacing. The growth of the “you, but better” aesthetic (meaning a person still looks like themselves but there is a subtle enhancement to their appearance) appeals to both men and women. There is also less of a stigma to the idea of cosmetic surgery since how a person presents themselves in both social and professional situations is seen as an indication of their success in life. With many people still working remotely and meeting with their fellow employees on Zoom, male patients want to gain a subtle refresh to their appearance,

Girth Enhancement

Girth enhancement is performed to give one specific body part a fuller appearance. The treatment involves the injection of hyaluronic acid into the penis to increase the girth of that body part. Male patients often view the results other have enjoyed from this treatment on social media platforms which makes the idea of the treatment more accepted and appealing. While it is not completely normalized in the eyes of the public, there is an idea that girth enhancement will eventually be normalized much in the way breast implants are a common topic of conversation among patients and their friends.

As this is the start of the year, it will be interesting to see if these male cosmetic surgery procedures continue to grow in popularity in 2024.

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