Lip Filler Nightmare – Lips Like a “Monsters, Inc.” Character

Posted April 07, 2022
Kailee Jones Lip Nightmare

The look of the lips plays a big role in giving a person a younger look. Fuller lips that have some volume and size are generally viewed as more pleasing and youthful in appearance. Since the lips naturally get thinner as people continue to age, many patients turn to lip fillers to add volume that has been lost over the years. Patients need to be certain they choose a provider that has experience in performing the treatment so they can avoid the fate of Kailee Jones.

Lip like a Pixar Character?

Kailee Jones, a 23-year-old from Pennsylvania, claims she now looks like a character from “Monsters, Inc.” after her injection of lip filler caused her lips to become “eight times” their normal size. A clip that details her super-sized lips has gained over 3-million views on TikTok.

In a recent interview, Jones told the press that the photos “don’t even really show how big they were – it was crazy.” The resident of Philadelphia said she had one milliliter of filler placed across her top and bottom lips back in November because she thought her lips had a look that was disproportionately small when compared to the rest of her face. “I’ve always had thinner lips, and they disappear when I smile, so I wanted them to fit my face a little bit more.”

The technology consultant began to worry when her lips started to rapidly swell within an hour of the injections. While she assumed the swelling was simply the result of an allergic reaction to the fillers, her attempts to slow down the swelling using ice actually seemed to make the problem worse.

After 48 hours of swelling, her abnormally sized lips left her unable to speak or drink normally. When describing her lips, she said “they were eight times the size of my normal lips; it was unreal. I looked like the Monsters Inc. character (Fungus).”

TikTok Reacts to the Life Raft Size Lips

In addition to the story being shared by mainstream news outlets, Jones posted a series of selfies on TikTok to try and prevent others from suffering the same fate. Of course, social media users on TikTok had to share their opinion on the appearance of her giant lips:

  • “I thought she glued sausages on her lips as a joke but I guess [they’re] real"

There was also one person who agreed with the comparison to the Pixar character and said she looked like “Fungus” after he got his lips caught in the “scream extractor.”

Family Members Freaked Out by Far Too Large Lips

Her family also had horrified reactions to the new appearance of her lips. Jones shared that her brother reacted with “What the hell” while her mom was worried that Kailee’s throat was going to close.

They insisted she go back to her doctor for help. The doctor prescribed oral steroids for a week, and they caused the swelling to fade over a period of three days.

Much like her mother, Jones was afraid the fillers would impact her throat to the point that it would close. She referred to this as her biggest fear along with being worried that her lips would be stuck at their enlarged size.

Large Lipped Lady Reflects on Her Lip Fillers Fiasco

Even though her series of selfies on TikTok was designed to prevent others from experiencing a large amount of lip inflation, many viewers on the app thought she had expanded her lips to that size on purpose.

Even after the experience of having her lips inflated to such an enormous size, Jones has not given up on the idea of fillers that will let her enjoy a plumper appearance to the lips. She told one news outlet, “I definitely am scared of getting them done again.” Jones added that she likes the way they look now so she is not sure about additional fillers.

Lip Fillers – How They Work

In general, lip fillers work to enhance the shape or size of the lips. They are normally made of hyaluronic acid as this is a natural substance found in the human body.

The fillers are injected into the lips to provide an increase in the appearance of the lips. The doctor will determine the area to be treated and then use fine needles to inject the filler. Once the filler has been placed in the lips, the doctor will massage the targeted area to reduce the appearance of any bumps, so the lips have a more natural appearance.

The lips can also be enhanced through fat grafting. This technique involves liposuction being performed in order to remove stubborn fat from a section of the body of the patient. The fat that is removed using liposuction is processed and purified before it is injected into the lips.

Patients will experience some swelling, bruising and/or redness after the treatment. These conditions will not last very long and naturally resolve on their own. The length of the results varies per patient, but the fuller lips can last anywhere from three to six to twelve months. The filler will be absorbed by the body so repeat injections will be necessary to maintain the results.

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