Can She Buy Flowers and Plastic Surgery - Miley Cyrus Speculation

Posted April 03, 2023
See the speculation of whether or not Miley Cyrus has plastic surgery

Miley Cyrus has been in the public eye ever since she was a tween Disney star starting in 2006. Her popularity has continued to increase with the release of the song, “Flowers,” and this means the public is once again examining her look to try and see if she has undergone any type of plastic surgery. While her look has changed over the years, how much is due to the aging process and how much is the result of celebrity plastic surgery? Let’s take a look at Miley and try to determine if she had any plastic surgery in the past.

Miley Cyrus – Past Comments About Plastic Surgery

Miley Cyrus Past Comments About Plastic SurgeryOne of the first instances of Miley Cyrus being suspected of having plastic surgery was at the age of twenty when she faced gossip about the appearance of her breasts. She was suspected of having breast augmentation surgery to increase the size and shape of her breasts after she started wearing clothing that showed off more of her breasts to the public. Cyrus did not hesitate to respond to the speculation by tweeting, “Thank you for the compliment but these babies are all mine. I wish they’d realize you don’t have to be fake to be beautiful.”

Almost one year later, she shared the same type of sentiment in another tweet when she was suspected of enhancing the look of her lips with lip fillers. Miley tweeted, “Definitely don’t get my lips injected. It’s so sad that people have done so much shit to their face people don’t believe in natural beauty.”

When it comes to her looks, Miley Cyrus credits her strict skincare routine with maintaining her appearance. Back in 2002, she reflected on acne issues when she was younger and told Elle that the acne problems were the result of “juggling school, work, filming…{and] all the stage makeup.” She went on to add, “I finally realized that something that works for someone else might not work for me, so I saw a dermatologist and learned that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to skincare. I basically have it down to a science these days.” Miley also noted that mental health is also an important component to maintaining healthy and glowing skin. “Taking care of yourself from the inside out is so important. Your beauty routine is a form of self-love because it means you’re taking time out of your day to check in with yourself, mentally and physically.”

Miley Cyrus – Suspected Plastic Surgery Procedures

It is no secret that the current look of Miley Cyrus is much different than her appearance when she first started her career. There are some fans of the singer who believe that even her facial expression is different these days and they suspect her of using a variety of cosmetic procedures to enhance and alter her look. Some of the procedures she is suspected of undergoing include rhinoplasty, buccal fat pad removal, cheek implants, and upper blepharoplasty.

When it comes to her “new” facial expression, the first procedure some fans think she had was buccal fat pad removal to reduce the look of prominent cheeks. Others believe the current look of her face is due to the combination of weight loss and cheek implants. They feel the weight loss made the cheek implants gain a pointy look that also made the cheeks look hollow.,

The singer is also suspected of having rhinoplasty, AKA a nose job, because some of her fans noted that the tip of her nose is more refined in appearance. Her nose used to have a more bulbous look that is no longer visible.

Her eyes also seem to have a different shape to them and the suspected procedure here is upper blepharoplasty that seems to have eliminated a hooded look to her eyes. The eyes of Miley Cyrus currently have a look that is much more open and alert.

Miley Cyrus – Fans Confused by Her Appearance

During an appearance on The Tonight Show back in December, her fans were left somewhat confused by her look. After photos of her appearance were posted on Instagram, many Miley fans were quick to notice that both the shape of her face and her teeth had a different look.

The appearance of the pop superstar prompted the following reactions:

  • “What’s happening to Miley? I don’t even recognize her. Love her though. Big part of my life since childhood.”
  • “Miley…what happened?”
  • “She looks different not like herself. She’s too young for enhancements.”
  • “She get her teeth done or something? I’m like something is def different lol.”
  • “From earlier photos the bottom half of her face looks slimmer.”“I’m pretty sure Miley got veneers.”
  • “I don’t think she had work done. I think whoever did her makeup contoured the s**t out of her nose. The bridge of her nose looks WAY too thin.”

In addition, there were some people who compared her look to the appearance of her mother, Tish Cyrus, while others said Miley looked like Madonna. One fan described the look as “Madonna of 2008 Hard Candy era” while another called Miley the best choice to play Madonna in a movie.

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