Brow Lift - How it Helps the Forehead

Posted December 13, 2022
See how a brow lift can help

If you find that your brows are starting to sag and have a low or uneven look, a brow lift can be performed to raise the brows on the forehead. The procedure is also known as a forehead lift, and it improves the look of the brow and the forehead as well as the area located around the eyes thanks to the raising of soft skin and tissue in the treated area. Are you interested in learning more about how and why a brow lift is performed? Read on and get the answers in this informative article.

Brow Lift – Why is it Performed?

As a person ages, the brows will typically move in a downward motion as the soft tissues and skin in the area start to lose the ability to move back into place after being stretched. As this happens, the distance that runs between the eyebrows and eyelashes starts to shorten.

When this happens, you can start to look angry or tired most of the time due to the lower position of the eyebrows. If you want to gain a look that is more refreshed or rejuvenated, a brow lift can raise the eyebrows to provide a younger look.

Brow Lift – How is it Performed?

The brow lift process begins with the administering of anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the procedure. There are multiple techniques that can be performed and the choice depends on the condition of your brows and the type of results you want to achieve. In addition, the technique that is chosen will also determine the location of the incisions in the targeted area.

The brow lift technique choices include:

  • An endoscopic brow lift where the surgeon makes several small incisions behind the hairline. Then, the surgeon will insert a thin, long tube that has a tiny camera and a light mounted on the end of the tube in order to easily view the tissues and muscles that are underlying in the targeted area. The surgeon will then lift the forehead tissues and anchor them into place using an instrument that is inserted through another incision. Once the forehead tissues are held in place using small screws or sutures, the incisions are closed by the doctor.
  • A direct brow lift is when skin is removed above the eyebrows and is a good option for patients with bushy eyebrows.
  • A temporal brow lift is performed by the doctor using small incisions that are located behind the hairline area that is near the temples.
  • A hairline brow lift is when an incision is made between the top part of the forehead and the start of the hairline. The surgeon will remove a small amount of tissue and skin from the top of the forehead rather than the scalp. This is an ideal option for a person who has a hairline that is high and/or receding.
  • A coronal brow lift is when an incision is made behind the hairline, and it runs across the top of the head. In general, the incision runs from one ear to the other ear or the top of the head. The surgeon lifts the forehead into its new position, and this leaves the portion of the scalp in front of the incision overlapping the scalp that remains behind it. The surgeon will remove the overlapping part of the scalp and then sew together the remaining sections of the scalp. This is not a good option for someone with thinning hair or a high hairline.

Brow Lift – Are There Any Risks?

You need to know some of the common risks of undergoing a brow lift. They include possible scarring, changes in the sensation of the skin, asymmetrical results, infection, bleeding, bruising, and a possible reaction to anesthesia.

Brow Lift – Recovery and Results Revealed

Brow Lift Results

After the procedure, your forehead might have bandages placed on it to minimize any swelling. You might also need to wear a drain to help the body get rid of any excess fluid or blood after the surgery.

At the start of the recovery process, you will need to keep your head elevated and you will also need to avoid any strenuous exercise or motion. You might feel some itching and numbing but these conditions will resolve on their own. The surgeon will let you know when it is okay for you to resume your daily activities. Any incision lines will fade on their own.

The results will start to become visible once the majority of the bruising and swelling subsides. At about the six-month mark, the final results will be visible in the mirror and to the general public as the incisions should be healed by this point. If there are any scars, they will more than likely be concealed in the hairline.

The final results are long-lasting but keep in mind that gravity and the aging process can continue to pull the brows downward. However, the fine lines and wrinkles in the area of the brows will not be as visible or severe as they were before the treatment.

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