Brazilian Butt Lift - Still Popular or Losing Its Luster?

Posted February 24, 2023
Trend of BBL procedure

The growth in popularity of the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has been a topic of cosmetic surgery conversation for the past few years. The surgical procedure entered the mainstream and has become more widely accepted thanks to the number of celebrities that have discussed the procedure or been suspected of undergoing the treatment in the past. Is BBL surgery still as popular as it was in the past or is there starting to be a shift away from the trend?

Let’s find out by starting with an examination of the trend from Cosmetic Town TV:

Brazilian Butt Lift – Is it Still a Popular Procedure?

The Brazilian butt lift first started to gain in popularity thanks to the influence of social media. The public would view people talking about the surgery or showing off the results they gained from a BBL.

However, recent months have shown what appears to be a shift away from the desire to have a larger butt. The changing trend is evident when going on TikTok and typing in the phrase “BBL effect” or “BBL era is over.” These search phrases reveal multiple videos from users who discuss having a BBL reversal as well as how the trend seems to be losing its popularity. There is also some speculation that it is less popular due to gossip surrounding the Kardashian family having their BBL procedures reversed.

In an interview with Insider, several experts told the website there has been a growth in the number of reduction surgeries requested by patients who want to gain a more natural look to the buttocks. In addition, The Aesthetic Society released data that shows doctors are still seeing a rise in popularity of butt augmentation surgery with 37% more butt augmentation procedures being performed in 2021 when compared to 2020.

BBL Reduction – A Surgeon Discusses the Trend

BBL Reduction in TrendInsider spoke with Dr. Pallavi Kumbla, a surgeon in Atlanta at Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, about BBL surgery, the desire to have a BBL reduction and the connection between social media and the popularity of the procedure.

According to Dr. Kumbla, a Brazilian butt lift reversal or reduction removes the fat that was initially injected into the buttocks. There is also sometimes a need to combine the removal of the fat with a skin tightening procedure since the fat that is placed in the butt during the BBL can stretch the skin. The skin tightening procedure is needed to address the loose skin that occurs after the reversal by the surgeon.

The Aesthetic Society statistics showed 44,725 buttock augmentations were performed in the United States in 2020 (including butt implants and fat transfer). The number increased by 37% in 2021 to a total of 61,387 procedures. The increase in this statistic seems to indicate the trend to undergo a BBL is still rising.

Some of the motivations that guide patients to have the surgery include a desire to fill-in areas of depression that are naturally present in their buttocks. There are also patients looking for an improved shape and contour to the butt as opposed to an increased amount of volume in the buttocks. Having said that, there are patients who want to gain a larger and more exaggerated look to the butt by getting as much volume as possible placed in their backside.

A person who wants to enjoy a more natural or subtle look to the butt will want to have the fat removed from their buttocks. Their personal preferences might have changed over the years or they simply might be at a different point or stage in their personal life and professional career.

There is also the reason that a person might not like the results they gained from a BBL. They might not be happy with the volume or the new shape of their butt, so they want to make a change in order to be comfortable with the look of their butt.

The doctor also said that “social media plays a huge role in influencing some patients. Patients do often come in with what we call wish pics, or inspirational pics. And so what I tell all my patients is that everybody has a different body frame, and is shaped differently, so what may suit one person doesn’t necessarily suit their body. However, we can still achieve the look they’re going for by strategically placing the fat for a BBL, or in the case of a reduction, strategically removing the fat.”

“I also have a lot of patients who aren’t actually influenced by social media or celebrities, and it’s just been something that they have been thinking about for a long time because they’ve been wanting to just improve their bodies, and so they come in for that reason.”

The doctor also noted that the inspirational pictures that patients bring into the office are now shifting from an exaggerated and oversized look to a more natural appearance to the butt. Plus, the pictures are not always of celebrities. There are times when patients bring in photos of their family or friends who had the procedure in the past and they want to achieve the same type of results.

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