Cosmetic Surgery in Florida - Most Searched Procedures

Posted September 13, 2023
Most searched procedures in Florida

Potential patients who are interested in plastic surgery turn to online search engines to try and find more information about their procedure of choice. They also research destinations across the United States to have plastic surgery based on the skills and reputations of the doctors they are researching and the actual location of the medical professional. Florida remains one of the most popular destinations for plastic surgery patients thanks to the large number of experienced and board-certified surgeons along with the appeal of recovering from a medical procedure in a warm climate with beautiful beaches. Let’s take a look at the Top Five most searched cosmetic surgeries in Florida and the pros and cons of the most researched procedure.

Florida Cosmetic Surgery – Top Five Procedures Researched by Patients

According to Google search data that was collected by a medical journal in Romania (, the most popular plastic surgery in the state of Florida is a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). A BBL has been shown to have an average monthly search volume of over 20,000 and this is double the average monthly search volume for the second most-searched cosmetic surgery in Florida which is a tummy tuck.

According to the medical journal, here is the monthly search volume of the Top Five procedures that are searched for in Florida:

  1. Brazilian butt lift has an average monthly search volume of 20,062
  2. Tummy tuck has an average monthly search volume of 7898
  3. Hair transplant has an average monthly search volume of 5907
  4. Liposuction has an average monthly search volume of 5181
  5. Rhinoplasty has an average monthly search volume of 1356

Brazilian Butt Lift – What is it and why is it Popular?

Brazilian Butt Lift PopularityA Brazilian butt lift, which is also known as a BBL, is performed to provide the buttocks with a look that is larger and more contoured thanks to the addition of a greater amount of volume in the backside of the patient.

The increased augmentation of the butt is achieved by fat transfer into the butt. The surgeon takes excess fat from one area of the body of the patient and then processes and purifies that fat so it can be injected into the buttocks. The excess fat is removed using liposuction and some of the most popular areas of the body where the fat will be removed include the abdomen, hips, and lower back. The final results give the patient a greater amount of augmentation to the size and shape of the butt without the need to have butt implants placed in the buttocks. In addition, the area of the body where the fat was removed will also enjoy an improvement in the contour and shape of the treated area.

The procedure started to gain in popularity when it was shown to be a way for female patients to gain a look to the butt that was more contoured and shapelier. There has also been gossip that celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have undergone the procedure which has led many women to have a BBL to try and gain the same type of appearance to their backside. ‘

Patients enjoy the fact that the butt gains an hourglass silhouette that is dramatic in appearance. The extent of the final results depends on the amount of fat that is placed in the buttocks. There will be an immediate change in the contour of the body where the liposuction was performed as well as an improvement in the shape of the buttocks once the fat is placed in the butt. It can take about twelve weeks for the final results to appear due to lingering swelling in the buttocks. In addition, the final results should be permanent as long as the patient follows a healthy lifestyle and does not experience a large amount of weight gain or weight loss after the surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Possible Risks and Complications

Some of the possible risks and complications from a Brazilian butt lift include an infection after the procedure, numbness to the skin, a blood clot, loose skin where the liposuction was performed, bruising, scarring, swelling, asymmetrical results, less fat than desired surviving the fat transfer process, and skin discoloration.

In order to avoid these complications, patients should use the services of a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in performing Brazilian butt lift surgery. The doctor will examine the patient to make sure the person is healthy enough to have the procedure as well as enough excess fat elsewhere on the body that can be removed using liposuction. The surgeon will discuss the desired final results with the patient to make sure the person has realistic expectations about the type of results they can expect to see, and the doctor will also make sure the person gains results that are realistic in appearance after the Brazilian butt lift.

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