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Inverted Nipple Correction

Posted January 31, 2017
Inverted Nipple Correction

An inverted nipple is where the nipple does not point outward, which is a common occurrence in women. This can become a functional problem for women causing stress and a negative self-image, which often leads to having a negative effect on intimacy.



An inverted nipple is caused by the milk ducts being proportionately shorter than appropriate for the size of the breast. The most typical cause of this is females going through puberty and breast development can experience this issue where the breasts get larger, but the ducts do not grow in length causing the nipples to invert, as the breasts get larger. Inverted nipples are just the way your nipples are made; it is your body and genetics. Sometimes it can happen only on one side and at times you can have this issue on both sides.

Women can also get an inverted nipple later on in life. For example if a patient were to develop breast cancer, especially if it involved the breast ducts they will experience inverted nipples. The cancer can cause scar tissue and as the cancer grows it will gradually make the breast ducts shorter causing the nipple to invert. This can actually be the first sign that a woman has breast cancer, but keep in mind that it does not mean that they have cancer further testing would be required. 



An Inverted nipple correction begins by severing the breast ducts, which are causing that tethering or anchoring of the nipple skin. In order to keep the nipple projecting outward your doctor may pierce the nipple to hold it out while the scar tissue forms. As soon as the nipple starts staying out after a month of two the piercing can be pulled out.

Another method to correct this condition would be to put an internal dissolving stitch that will prevent the nipple from becoming inverted again. The last form of treatment would be to place a base holder underneath the nipple, such as a piece of tissue that can be borrowed from a scar or another place on the body, a fat graft, artificial filler or substitute. The tissue can be naturally taken from the patient’s body or it can be purchased.



The main side effect of treating this condition is that the patient will never be able to breastfeed again because the surgeon detaches the milk ducts, which means the milk will never go anywhere. So, any patient who is going to have kids or wants to breastfeed should wait to treat this condition until afterwards. 



The recovery period all depends on the type of procedure that will be received. If the patient has a procedure where the ducts are detached, they will have internal stitches, which will be removed after seven days.  With the piercing method, the support and sutures can usually be removed between seven to fourteen days.  As it comes to showering, patients are allowed to shower within about two days.

The only long-term limitation after the procedure is that patients will not be able to wear a normal bra and put direct pressure on their nipple because it tends to break apart the entire repair, which pushes the nipple, back inside again.  Patients can wear either a piece of surgical foam which has a hole cut for the nipple or some stacks of sterile gauze so that when they are wearing a bra, there is no direct pressure on the nipple for about a month.



The biggest complication that patients can experience would be that the nipple does not project enough or it falls back into a degree that the patient wasn’t expecting. For some patients, it can fall back into a point where the patient wants to have the procedure again to make it a little more projected. Other patients may not get what they had expected but are still happy with the results they get. In some patients, it stays out to a perfect degree and they are satisfied with the result.



Inverted nipples are not dangerous, harmful, or abnormal so if any patient has this problem they should not stress over it. Inverted nipple procedures are usually included in other types of breast surgeries so, if a patient is doing a breast reduction, breast augmentation, or breast lift, it is an easy add-on to those procedures. Since an inverted nipple correction can be done in any type of office setting through a numbing shot, be certain that there is no facility fee or operating room fee as both are quite unnecessary.  


Written by Cosmetic Town Editorial Team through exclusive interview provided by Dr. Bradley Hubbard of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, TX. 

Article Last Updated on January 31, 2017