Which Celebrities have the Most Desired Look?

Posted August 30, 2018
Discover the Celebrities with the Most Desired Body Parts

Many patients who desire plastic surgery often bring photos of celebrities to their surgeon to serve as “inspiration” for their desired results. Some patients wish they could change their entire look while others simply hope to change the appearance of one or two of their body parts to look more like a favorite celebrity.

There are thousands of celebrities that inspire their fans to try and enhance or alter their appearance. Let’s take a look at some of the most requested celebrity inspirations currently requested at the offices of plastic surgeons across the country:

  • Meghan Markle – The interest in looking more like Meghan started to grow once her engagement to Prince Harry was announced. After her marriage to Harry, the desire to look like Markle has not slowed down at all. Many plastic surgeons suggest that the small imperfections in her appearance are one of the main reasons she is so popular. For example, Markle has a small hump on the ridge of her nose as well as a nice definition to the tip of her nose. This is inspiring many patients to make a change to their nose with rhinoplasty. In addition, Markle’s freckles are inspiring a cosmetic trend known as “semi-permanent tattoos”. The results last one to three years and uses punctures, much like a bee sting, that swell on the face and then shrink to become cute freckles.
  • Kendall Jenner – Like many other members of the Kardashian and Jenner clan, Kendall Jenner is known for inspiring trends with her appearance. The feature she is most known for recently is her nipples. Plastic surgeons across the country are specializing in nipple implants AKA “designer nipples”. The procedure makes the nipples of a patient larger and gives them a more prominent appearance. Patients are asking for the surgery because their love the perky look that it gives the nipples while also giving them the chance to go out in public without a bra.
  • Emily Ratajkowski – The feature that Emily has helped to make popular is her belly button. Her stomach is known for its oval and vertically oriented belly button that gives her torso a longer look and a lean appearance to her abs. FYI…The official name for a belly button surgery is umbilicoplasty.
  • Rihanna – If there is one celebrity that has a nose that is more popular than Meghan Markle, it is Rihanna. Fans of the singer love the straight appearance of her nose as well as its subtle tip upturn and the fact that her nose does not project very far from her face.
  • Miranda Kerr - This famous model is admired for many parts of her body but it is her dimples that bring her the most attention. Dimpleplasty is a procedure that involves an incision being made inside the mouth of a patient around the cheek area. The incision creates a defect in the buccinators (the cheek muscle) and it gives a person semi-permanent dimples that appear when the patient smiles. The muscle is also attached to the undersurface of the skin which allows the dimples to be seen when a person is smiling but not when the face is relaxed.
  • Bella Hadid – Thighlighting is a medical procedure that involves a number of techniques including calf implants, thigh lifts, liposuction and inner and outer thigh contouring. The legs of Bella Hadid have helped inspire this medical trend. Thighlighting is ideal for patients that worry about a lack of projection in the buttocks area as well as a lack of a thigh gap and the appearance of cellulite in the thigh area. Many women seek out the surgery to help elongate the look of their legs whole also making them look more proportioned and leaner.
  • Melania Trump – Mrs. Trump is the one celebrity on this list not known for having one certain body part that is specifically desired by the public. Many of her fans want to attain her complete look. In fact, Claudia Sierra, a former model decided to undergo Botox, liposuction, breast reduction, fillers and a buttock lift in an attempt to look like the First Lady. Sierra said that Trump represents power and strength to her which is one of the main reasons she wanted to change her appearance to better resemble Melania. 



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