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Pectoral Implants

Men who work out regularly know how incredibly important it is to achieve great pecs. A person may have the most defined abs, the most awesome deltoids, or the most fantastic lats, but they will all be for nothing if you do not have eye-popping chest muscles as the centerpiece of a hard-earned physique. Fortunately, chest muscles are the easiest part of the body to develop with the adequate time spent at the gym. But for those who do not have the time, pectoral are the best option to improve the body. Pectoral implants are now available for men who want to develop their chest muscles but cannot do so naturally.



Pectoral implants are used on men who are interested in improving their physique. The procedure of placing the implants is known as pectoral augmentation. Basically, it is the counterpart of breast augmentation in women.

Patients who wish to have pectoral implants vary, but there are three common types of patients interested in having these implants. First are those who already have a very muscular pectoral area but still want some more improvement. Then, there are those who are just looking to have some major pectoral development. Finally, there are men who are deficient in the pectoral area and want to have an appearance of pectoral muscles. Men with gynecomastia, or male breast development, can also benefit from pectoral implants. For these patients, the male breast is removed first then the implants are placed to masculinize the chest a little bit more.



The implants used in pectoral augmentation look similar to the ones used in breast augmentation. However, they are made from different materials. Pectoral implants are made from solid silicone so the cosmetic surgeon can cut and carve them as they come in different degrees of softness. They are not rock-hard because they need to mimic the feel of muscles, which are soft. These implants are put in the pectoral area by making an incision on the armpit area and not on the front of the chest area.

There are no pectoral implants made from saline like in breast augmentation procedures. Pectoral implants can be custom-made or prefabricated. For the prefab types, there are different styles and sizes available to match the patients’ need. Those who need custom-made implants are usually the ones who require a unique body style to be achieved. Custom-made implants are a bit more expensive than the prefab ones. Prefab pectoral implants come in several different sizes and shapes so, most of the time, it is easy to find something that fits the patient.



Pectoral augmentation is pretty much a straightforward procedure so most patients come in knowing what to expect. Those patients unsure about the procedure are normally the patients with gynecomastia. Most of them do not want their male breasts removed because they think they will lose their whole chest definition. This is not true because feminine breasts have a fuller bottom half. The surgeon can just fill up the skin that has been emptied as a result of breast removal.

Some patients share their concern of whether or not the implant will eventually migrate, rupture or swell. There will be some movement over time just like female breast implants. Asymmetry is also very common because the left side of the body is different from the right side in all patients. Furthermore, the number of sizes for the pectoral implants is limited as opposed to breast implants which come in lots of sizes and shapes. Unlike males, females can choose from different implants to help lessen their asymmetry. But as far as the natural appearance of the body is concerned, the left side is actually a little different from the right. There is always some degree of asymmetry and that is perfectly normal in a person.



Surgery for the placement of pectoral implants costs about $7,900 in the United States. The procedure is more expensive than breast augmentation because the price of pectoral implants is higher compared to that of breast implants. If the surgery involves access on the armpit area (transaxillary) then the price goes up by about $500.



Prior to the procedure, the surgeon will evaluate the patient’s chest to be able to follow the normal extension and dimension of the pectoral area. The patient will be given a choice on the thickness of the implant but the extent or dimension will be determined by the surgeon. A patient does not want to grow them below the ribcage. That is basically the size limitation.

But if the patient wants to go big then it can be done little by little. Try a certain size for a while and then replace them with a bigger implant after a year or two. That way, the tissues are allowed to stretch a little bit to accommodate the next bigger sizes.



Since the implants are structured under the muscles, they can somewhat limit the patient’s movements. But they should not, in any way, slow down or affect muscle development. If the patient works out, he will gain muscles just like he would normally. Unless there is a major change in lifestyle, like deciding to become a weightlifter, the implants should not have negative effects on the body. But in case they do, the surgeon can always revise or remove the implant if needed.

There are cases of implants that rupture, but this is very rare. What is more likely to happen is the implant will be pushed into the other side. This is commonly seen in extremely active patients.  



Full recovery from pectoral augmentation may take several months. Patients can resume their workout routine a week or two after the procedure. The muscles are somewhat healed by then. The patient can start doing light exercises first then increase the intensity little by little over the next few weeks. The patient needs to allow the muscles to completely heal so no serious complications will occur. Patients will also be asked to wear a garment for a few days to help hold the implants in place.



An increase in size can be observed as early as the first day. The implants will be a little high and the muscles will react by squeezing them down. The implants are going to be in their right place around three months after surgery. Patients who have experienced the full benefits of pectoral implants claim they have never been so happy about their chest size and definition.



Of all the body enhancement procedures designed for men, pectoral augmentation is one of the best when it comes to naturalness. This is simply because the implants are placed under the chest muscles so the patient feels his own muscles and not the implants. What the implants do is put the actual chest muscles forward to create a fuller look.

Patients seeking to undergo a pectoral augmentation need to do their homework first and learn about the procedure. They also need to research the best surgeon to do the procedure. Some cosmetic surgeons claim their expertise is pectoral augmentation but it is always best to find someone that has considerable experience in performing the procedure.


Written by Cosmetic Town Editorial Team - AA

Based on an exclusive interview with Dr. Rafi Bidros in Houston, TX