Best Miami Breast Augmentation Doctors

Posted March 01, 2019
Best breast augmentation doctors in Miami, Florida

As a woman ages, the desire to make a change in the look, contour, shape or size of the breasts is often felt by a person. In order to achieve these changes, they seek out a board-certified and experienced surgeon that can provide the desired shape, size and appearance patients want to achieve with their breasts.

Cosmetic Town is ready to help patients find the best doctor to provide the results they desire when it comes to the overall augmentation of their breasts. One of the most popular locations for breast augmentation surgery is the city of Miami. After performing research on Miami cosmetic doctors through the use of the Cosmetic Town intelligent system, the following is the 2019 list of the “Best Miami Breast Augmentation Doctors”.

Want to learn more information about the research methods and techniques used by the Cosmetic Town staff to determine and compile the doctors that made our list this year? If so, here are the criteria used by our staff to pick the top doctors listed in this article:

Cosmetic Town makes it Easy to Find the Best Cosmetic Doctors in Miami

Different Types of Miami Breast Augmentation Surgery

In general, breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that is performed via fat transfer or breast implants in order to increase the size, shape and overall fullness of the breasts. This method of breast augmentation is often referred to as a “boob job”. In addition, it is also known as augmentation mammoplasty.

There are various types of breast augmentation surgery that can be performed on patients and they include:

  • Breast Implants – Doctors have multiple choices when placing breast implants in a patient and they include saline, silicone and gummy bear implants. The results that the patient wants to achieve will determine the type of implant used as well as how the surgery is performed. The surgeon can make an incision under the breast, in the areola, in the armpit of the patient or through the belly button in order to place the implant below or above the muscle.
  • Breast Lift – This technique is also known as a mastopexy. The purpose of a breast lift is the removal of any excess skin as well as the tightening of any surrounding tissue on the patient. The final results give patients a more youthful look to their breasts. Mastopexy can also be performed to add additional volume to the breasts thanks to fat grafting or the placing of a breast implant. The final results that the patient wants to achieve will determine the type of lift performed by the doctor. The desired final results also determine the total amount of skin that will be removed.
  • Fat Grafting – This is a surgical method that is also known as autologous fat transfer. The surgeon will remove a certain amount of fat from other areas of the body such as the abdomen or thighs through the use of liposuction. Once the fat is removed from the other parts of the body, it is purified before being injected into the breasts. Fat grafting is very popular with patients that have extra fat and skin on their back and their chest wall.

Additional Popular Miami Breast Surgery Techniques

In addition to breast augmentation, some patients are looking to reduce their breast size via breast reduction. There are also patients that need to have some, or all, of their breasts removed because they have a medical condition. Here are some popular Miami breast surgery techniques that reduce the size or shape of the breasts:

  • Breast Reduction – This surgical technique is also called a reduction mammoplasty. The purpose of the surgery is to reduce the size of the breasts and to also lift the nipple-areola complex via the removal of excess skin, fat and glandular tissue. This surgical technique is popular with women that have already had children, females that are overweight or women that have larger breasts thanks to a genetic predisposition.
  • Mastectomy – This surgery is when the doctor performs the removal of one or both breasts of the patient. It is normally performed on patients that are suffering from breast cancer. The breasts can be reconstructed right after after a mastectomy is performed via breast implants or flap reconstruction.
  • Lumpectomy – This is a surgery that requires the doctor to remove a portion of the breasts. This technique is often performed on patients that have breast cancer or a malignant tumor. After the surgery, breast reconstruction can be performed via fat grafting or breast implants.

Miami is a Popular Breast Augmentation Destination

Miami is a popular destination for breast augmentation in the United States. Female patients that feel that their breasts are too small, and want to enjoy an enhanced appearance thanks to breast augmentation, travel to Miami to achieve their desired results. Miami has a large number of board-certified doctors experienced in providing results that are long lasting and natural in appearance. Patients are encouraged to research their options when it comes to Miami cosmetic doctors and schedule a consultation appointment with the Miami breast augmentation surgeon of their choice.



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