Lip Enhancement

Autologous fat injections, AKA fat grafting, takes fat from another area of the patient’s body, via liposuction, and injects it into the lips. There should be no risk of an allergic reaction or the body rejecting it. Lip implants, made of a soft, pliable silicone rubber or a biodegradable substance, need tiny incisions in the corners of the mouth for the insertion of the implant. An upper lip lift treats the longevity of the upper lip between the base of the columella and the pinkness of the upper lip. An upper lip lift involves making an incision at the base of the nose and removing excess skin to lift, and shorten, the upper lip.

The ideal candidate for other lip procedures includes patients with thin lips due to genetics or age or someone who wants to enhance the lips. Patients with wrinkles around the mouth due to sun damage or smoking or a person looking for a more permanent solution than dermal fillers for lip augmentation are good candidates. Older patients with an extended upper lip which may or may not cover the upper teeth when smiling are good candidates.

The cost of other lip procedures varies according to the type of procedure, the type of anesthesia, the surgeon’s skills and the geographic location of the procedure. Autologous fat injections cost between $1500 to $4700 depending on how much fat is removed and whether general or local anesthesia is used. Lip implants cost from $1500 to $3000. An upper lip lift can cost around $2000 to $4000. Lip augmentation is not covered under medical insurance and will be considered an out of pocket cost.

Fat injection results can take some time since the injected fat must integrate with the residing fat. A portion of the fat may not survive the transfer and will be absorbed by the body. The remaining fat is permanent and the results look natural. Lip implant results can last for many years but as the patient ages, and loses volume in the lips, the implant may become noticeable. Dermal fillers can be injected around the implant to maintain the results or the patient can have the implant removed. An upper lip lift can take 6 months for the tissue to settle and the final results to be apparent. An upper lip lift can last many years.

“Bow and Arrow” Technique for Lip Enhancement

“Bow and Arrow” Technique for Lip Enhancement

submitted on   Fri Jun, 03, 2016 by Karan Dhir, MD     
“Bow and Arrow” technique for lip enhancement is a cosmetic treatment that uses filler injections in the lip area to enhance the size, balance and shape of the lips without producing the appearance of a duck or fish lip. This lip enhancement technique is performed on the Cupid's bow, or the “M”...