What is Lip Blushing? The Semi-Permanent Tattoo for Lips Explained

Posted February 02, 2022
What is lip blushing

The increased interest in cosmetic tattooing has been rising in recent years. The latest cosmetic tattoo trend is Lip Blushing. 

Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique that enhances the shape and color of the lips. Normally, tattoo artists perform cosmetic tattoos, but estheticians have picked up lip blushing most recently. Estheticians are typically trained to perform micro-needling and facials for the skin and face but are now training to revitalize the lips too. 

Let’s take a closer look at the latest cosmetic tattooing trend that is all over TikTok and Instagram (look up #lipblushing). This lip enhancing technique may change your mind about getting fillers and injections for your lips. 

What is Lip Blushing?

Lip Blushing is a cosmetic semi-permanent tattooing method designed to enhance the outline and shape of your lips by adding natural-looking color that can last one to two years. The tattoo method is called pixelating, which involves using a special pulsating mechanical tattoo needle that deposits pigments (color ink) into your lips. The tiny deposits of color create undetectable dots of pigment that outline and shade the lips.

You can select any color or shade for the pigmentation but keep in mind that the color will last up to two years. And the shade you choose may change the color or tone of your lipstick or lip gloss when applied to the lips. 

What are the Benefits of Lip Blushing? 

The top reasons people gravitate to cosmetic tattooing are usually to help them save time from applying make-up and enhance the natural shape of the lips. 

When it comes to lip blushing, there are a few specific reasons why someone would want to have this procedure done to their lips. 

  • Adds color to pale lips caused by anemia (low count of red blood cells)
  • Alternative to filler injections or lip implant surgery to make the lips look fuller
  • Semi-permanent option, the color will naturally dissolve into the body after two years
  • Corrects the symmetry of the lip shape or size

What Can I Expect with a Lip Blushing Procedure? 

A lip blushing treatment is similar to having a tattoo session and involves the following steps:

  • The esthetician will apply numbing cream to the lips so that you’ll feel less pain and discomfort.
  • While the numbing agent takes full effect, the esthetician will go over the desired lip shape and pigmentation, which will require your final approval.
  • Next, the esthetician will go over the lips with the mechanical tattooing pen that pulsates the ink into the skin. Multiple layers are created for an even tone.
  • The entire process can take 1-2 hours.


Immediately after the session, you will notice the color of your lips will be very bold and appear to look stained; this is completely normal. Like with any tattoo, there is a healing process with the skin. You may experience some scabbing the first week after your appointment, so it’s essential to always keep the lips moist with petroleum jelly. 

It can take 3-4 weeks for your lips to heal completely, and the color will fade up to 50 percent of the original tone from the procedure. 

How Long Do the Results Last Lip Blushing? 

Lip Blushing may require a touch-up session around eight weeks after the initial session, but after that, the color can stay in your lips for up to two years. The ink used for lip blush is water-based and can safely dissolve into the body. 

Final Takeaway - Lip Blushing

Enhancing the look and shape of your lips doesn’t have to involve dermal filler injections or the use of Botox. You can alter the appearance and color of your lips with semi-permanent tattooing—an excellent alternative that avoids injecting synthetics or preservatives into the skin and body. 

Not sure if Lip Blushing is the lip enhancing procedure that you are looking for? Check out our cosmetic procedures to help you find the right type of cosmetic treatment for your lips. 


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