Hollywood Throwback Inspiration - Woman Spends Thousands to Look Like Marilyn Monroe

Posted October 27, 2022
Woman wants to look like Marilyn Monroe

A woman who referred to herself as a “Barbie Girl” in the past recently shared the news that she spent $50,000 over a period of six years in order to achieve a look like Marilyn Monroe. Here is the story of Serena Smith, a 23-year-old musician and reality TV star from California, and her attempt to look like a star from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Her tale begins with Cosmetic Town TV taking an in-depth look at her attempt to look like Hollywood royalty:

A List of Procedures to Look Like Marilyn Monroe

Serena Smith started her journey to look like Marilyn Monroe back in 2016 when she was eighteen years of age. She had breast augmentation, at a cost of more than $7500, to enhance her breast size from an “A” to a “DD”. Following that procedure, she had an $11,000 rhinoplasty procedure in order to gain a “Hollywood nose” as well as regular injections of Botox in her face and fillers in her lips.

Even with all of these treatments, Smith still desired to make more changes to her appearance. She recently decided to undergo a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) to gain a more enhanced shape and contour to her backside. Smith told a reporter, “I am very happy with the results. I think they turned out great, the surgery completely changed my body proportions and gave me the curvier look I was after.”

In addition, Smith discussed how safety has always been a priority during any of her procedures. “You have to be extremely cautious about who you choose to allow to operate on you because you are putting your life in their hands, especially with surgeries like the BBL.”

A Brazilian butt lift is when excess fat is removed from areas of the body where patients do not want to see fat such as the back, thighs, and stomach. The fat is removed through the use of liposuction, and it is then processed and purified by the surgeon. Next, the fat is injected into the buttocks of the patient so it gains a greater size and enhanced shape. Patients do need to know there is a chance of fat entering the bloodstream and lodging within a blood vessel. In turn, this will cause,a blockage of blood flow in the body.

Recovery Process to Look Like Marilyn Monroe

Look Like Marilyn MonroeEven though Smith’s Brazilian butt lift procedure was a success, she described the recovery process by saying, “I felt like I was hit by a truck. The recovery process is very intense, definitely the hardest so far. You have to wear a compression garment 23 hours a day for two months and it can get pretty uncomfortable.”

Smith went on to add, “The most painful part of the recovery was the initial first two weeks. I was sore all over covered in bruises and very swollen.” I had drains in me collecting all the blood and fluids coming out of my body for almost two weeks which wasn’t a pretty sight, but in the end, it was all worth it.”

Once of the biggest problems she had was finding an easy position for sleeping since patients are in pain and not able to put pressure on their buttocks immediately after the surgery.

However, Smith says the BBL made her confidence grow and she remarked, “Anything that helps me lead a happier, more confident life is worth it to me, and like they say, pain is beauty.”

Marilyn Monroe Fan – What is Her Next Procedure?

Smith plans to have another breast augmentation procedure in order to increase the size of her chest. “I needed to do the BBL first before my extra-large implants so I would have good proportions and my body would be symmetrical. I didn’t want to look like an upside-down triangle, in my opinion, it’s all about balance to achieve a really attractive look.”

Smith knows she will eventually reach a certain age where she will likely have a facelift or an eye lift. But, she does feel that all of her plastic surgery procedures help her to feel better about her appearance. “Having surgery makes me feel empowered. I love that we are able to create ourselves to be whoever we want.”

While she is happy with the results of her surgeries, she still feels there are upgrades and improvements that can be made to her appearance. “I want to have more surgeries in the future because I like to continually improve myself. It’s an investment into yourself.”

Smith feels that people are their most valuable asset so having inner confidence will have a positive impact on their entire life. “It’s not all about looks to me, it’s about feeling comfortable with myself and doing what I need to do to feel that way.”

She is also not impacted by any type of criticism she receives on social media. Smith acknowledges her appearance produces a mixed response on social media, but she is grateful for those who support her journey.

“I am not hurting anyone with my choices. I like to spread positivity on my Instagram page and have it be a safe place for my fans and followers to interact with me. In life, you can never please everyone because not everyone chooses to be happy and positive.”

The changes she wants to make with plastic surgery are not over and she is already planning her next set of procedures. “In a year or two, I would love to do another round once everything settles. I think I have a great starting point to really build off.”

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