What You Should Know about Plastic Surgery - Details Revealed

Posted September 13, 2021
Things to know before plastic surgery

As a person gets older, signs of aging will start to appear on the body including wrinkles and fine lines on the face and a lack of volume in the cheeks and/or lips. In order to try and turn back the clock, many patients will turn to cosmetic surgery to reduce or eliminate the wrinkles and sagging skin on the body that gives them a look that might be older than their actual age. If you are interested in gaining a younger and more rejuvenated look to the face and the body, you can benefit by gaining insights into the plastic surgery process from an experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Take a look below to learn what you should know before having a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery - Most Popular Procedures in 2020

It has been estimated that the cosmetic surgery market in the United States is worth over 93-billion dollars as patients hope to alter and enhance their appearance while maintaining a natural look. In general, cosmetic surgery procedures are classified in the categories of nonsurgical and surgical treatments. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the top five nonsurgical procedures of 2020 included:

When it comes to the top five surgical procedures performed in 2020, here are the results according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons:

The main difference to know between the two types of procedures is the fact that nonsurgical procedures take less time to perform. They also involve less recovery time and cost less money. You do need to know that the results of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments are not permanent so you will need to have follow-up treatments in order to maintain the results gained from the initial procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery - How to Know Which Procedure to Undergo

Once you decide to make alterations and enhancements to your appearance, it is time to schedule a consultation appointment with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss the steps involved in having the treatment. 

There are multiple ways to find the right cosmetic surgeon for your desired treatment. You can ask friends or family for recommendations based on past experiences they have had with cosmetic surgery. You can also use the "Find a Doctor" feature on Cosmetic Town to search for doctors that perform the procedure you have in mind. 

Social media is also another popular research method for learning more about the doctor you are interested in visiting for the desired treatment. A growing number of doctors are posting videos on Instagram and TikTok that show behind the scenes info about specific cosmetic procedures and give an inside look at the steps involved in having a cosmetic treatment. It is important to make sure the doctor is providing medical information and insights about the procedure (as opposed to simply being focused on creating an entertaining video that is more about the visuals than medical information).

The doctor will perform a medical examination of the current condition of the targeted area on the body. The doctor will also determine the best cosmetic treatment to provide the results desired by the patient. It is important for the cosmetic surgeon to discuss the process with you, and to also set realistic expectations, so you will know what to expect and whether or not you want to undergo the procedure. Come prepared with questions that you want to ask so you can address your specific issues or concerns about the procedure. It is also helpful to ask the doctor to see "before and after" photos of actual patients so you will have a better idea about the type of results you can expect to enjoy once the recovery and healing process is completed. 

It is also helpful to read doctor reviews as previous patients are often very open in describing their visit to the office of a doctor. They will share the pros and cons of their personal experience with the doctor and his staff. Their first-hand insights can help you gain a better understanding of the "real life" process involved in having a cosmetic procedure.

Be sure and ask about the recovery process of the treatment. You will want to know if you can immediately resume your regular activities or if you will need to take some time off work to properly recover. Knowing the risks, as well as the benefits and complications of the procedure, will help you in the decision-making process.

Cosmetic surgery can be a safe and effective way to help you achieve the look you desire while still maintaining a natural appearance. The most important step in the entire process is finding an experienced doctor that will be open with you throughout the entire process and answer any questions you have before, during and after the treatment is performed. 

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