Top 100 Florida Cosmetic Doctors in 2021

Posted June 25, 2021
Best cosmetic doctors in Florida

Cosmetic surgery remains popular all over the country as patients visit cosmetic surgeons to undergo procedures that augment or alter the current appearance of various body parts. They also want to have cosmetic surgery in order to gain a refreshed and rejuvenated look. Florida remains a top cosmetic surgery location as patients want to advantage of the beautiful beaches and sunshine in the state while also visiting experienced and board-certified cosmetic doctors. These cosmetic surgeons have the skill and expertise patients desire when it comes to procedures as varied as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and injectables such as fillers and Botox. Our research team has compiled a list of the best Florida cosmetic doctors that are currently providing the results patients want to achieve when it comes to gaining a youthful and rejuvenated look through cosmetic surgery.

Take a look at the names below as you might see the name of the person you consider to be the best cosmetic surgeon in Florida!

Here is our list of the Top 100 Florida Cosmetic Doctors in 2021:

  1. Dr. Sergio Alvarez
  2. Dr. Ibrahim Amjad
  3. Dr. Issa Baroudi
  4. Dr. Frederic Barr
  5. Dr. Patrick Basile
  6. Dr. Hilton Becker
  7. Dr. Peter Bridge
  8. Dr. Jennifer Buck  
  9. Dr. Rafael Cabrera
  10. Dr. Daniel Careaga
  11. Dr. William Carter
  12. Dr. Adil Ceydeli
  13. Dr. Orlando Cicilioni
  14. Dr. Clifford Clark
  15. Dr. Mark Clayman
  16. Dr. Ross Clevens
  17. Dr. Dana Coberly
  18. Dr. Jason Cooper
  19. Dr. Christopher Craft
  20. Dr. Anthony Dardano
  21. Dr. Louis Deluca
  22. Dr. Daniel Diaco
  23. Dr. Vaishali Doolabh
  24. Dr. Alan Durkin
  25. Dr. Mark Eberbach
  26. Dr. Eric Egozi
  27. Dr. Dov Eidelman
  28. Dr. Diana Elias
  29. Dr. Scott Engel
  30. Dr. Michael Fallucco
  31. Dr. Thomas Fiala
  32. Dr. Alberto Gallerani
  33. Dr. Jose Garri
  34. Dr. Marcelo Ghersi
  35. Dr. Rami Ghurani
  36. Dr. Lee Gibstein
  37. Dr. Dana Goldberg
  38. Dr. Matthew Goodwin 
  39. Dr. Arturo Guiloff
  40. Dr. Enrique Hanaberg
  41. Dr. James Hardy
  42. Dr. Christine Haugen
  43. Dr. Ernesto Hayn
  44. Dr. Leonard Hochstein
  45. Dr. Brandon Kallman
  46. Dr. Daniel Kane
  47. Dr. Daniel Kapp
  48. Dr. Roger Khouri
  49. Dr. Richard Klein
  50. Dr. Kim Koger
  51. Dr. Joshua Kreithen
  52. Dr. Shashidhar Kusuma
  53. Dr. Joshua Lampert
  54. Dr. David Levens
  55. Dr. Jocelyn Leveque
  56. Dr. Avron Lipschitz
  57. Dr. Daniel Man
  58. Dr. Deirdre Marshall
  59. Dr. Bruce Mast
  60. Dr. James Matas
  61. Dr. Vijay Moradia
  62. Dr. Lewis Obi
  63. Dr. Thomas Pane
  64. Dr. Jorge Perez
  65. Dr. Ivo Pestana
  66. Dr. Mark Pinsky
  67. Dr. Zoran Potparic
  68. Dr. Robert Rehnke
  69. Dr. John Ritrosky
  70. Dr. Ralph Rosato
  71. Dr. Gary Rosenbaum
  72. Dr. Laurence Rosenberg
  73. Dr. Andrew Rosenthal
  74. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg
  75. Dr. Tal Roudner   
  76. Dr. Adam Rubinstein
  77. Dr. Richard Sadove
  78. Dr. Rafael Salas
  79. Dr. Jhonny Salomon
  80. Dr. Michael Salzhauer
  81. Dr. Michel Samson
  82. Dr. Hatem Abou Sayed
  83. Dr. Barry Schwartz
  84. Dr. Drew Schnitt
  85. Dr. Alan Serure
  86. Dr. Sean Simon
  87. Dr. Eric Stelnicki
  88. Dr. James Stern
  89. Dr. Tracey Stokes
  90. Dr. Eugene Strasser
  91. Dr. Laura Sudarsky
  92. Dr. John Thomassen  
  93. Dr. John Tyrone
  94. Dr. George Varkarakis
  95. Dr. Bernabe Vasquez 
  96. Dr. Donato Viggiano
  97. Dr. Luis Vinas
  98. Dr. John Westine
  99. Dr. Paul Wigoda
  100. Dr. Jeffrey Wisnicki

Top 100 Florida Cosmetic Doctors – How the Doctors were Chosen by Cosmetic Town

When researching and compiling the names of doctors for our 2021 list, the Cosmetic Team research team examined a number of items when creating the list. In order to learn more about the doctors, the Cosmetic Town intelligent system was used to examine the following items:

  • Our team performed consumer research that was focused on the field of cosmetic surgery. The Cosmetic Town research staff used an intelligent algorithm to examine the relevant training of each doctor, patient reviews and results and also the number of years of medical experience of each doctor.
  • Each doctor on the list was required to have current board-certification status in order to be on our Top 100 list. If you want to check the current board-certification status of the doctor you are interested in visiting, go to to get more information you want to know about the credentials of the doctor. In addition, doctors performing cosmetic surgery in the United States should be a member of the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).
  • The ongoing education efforts of the doctors, performed to expand the knowledge of their patients on a regular basis, was also examined by the Cosmetic Town research team. The variety of educational efforts on the part of the doctors could include patient Q&A, online blogs on their website, online educational videos on their website and relevant medical articles for their website or other websites, such as Cosmetic Town, that exist to educate patients.
  • The research staff examined both the peer sharing and research efforts that are performed by the doctors on an ongoing basis. These peer sharing efforts needed to include writing medical articles, on a regular basis, intended for publication in medical journals.

Top Florida Cosmetic Doctors – Make a Consultation Appointment

Now that you have the names of the Top 100 Florida Cosmetic Doctors in 2021, you can schedule a consultation appointment with your preferred doctor. You can also perform your own research efforts to learn more about the doctor and their interactions with patients. During the consultation appointment, the doctor will perform a thorough examination that is designed to determine your overall health and to make sure you are a qualified and ideal patient for the procedure you have in mind. It is also your chance to ask questions in an intimate setting with the doctor. The doctor will answer your questions about the desired cosmetic surgery as well as set realistic goals and expectations about the type of results that can be expected after the procedure.


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