Top 100 New York Cosmetic Doctors in 2021

Posted April 16, 2021
Meet New Yorks top cosmetic doctors in 2021

Cosmetic surgery remains a popular medical option for patients all over the country as they make desired changes to their appearance after medical offices reopened after COVID-19 shutdowns. One of the most popular locations for cosmetic surgery is New York (the city and the state) as patients travel to enjoy the services of some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the country. Are you interested in reducing fine lines and wrinkles using fillers or Botox? Do you want to gain a better contour to the body through liposuction? The Cosmetic Town research team has the information you need to help find the best New York cosmetic doctors for the procedure you want to undergo.

The following is our list of the Top 100 New York Cosmetic Doctors for 2021:

  1. Dr. Adam Kolker
  2. Dr. Adam Schaffner
  3. Dr. Alan Bienstock
  4. Dr. Alan Engler
  5. Dr. Alan Matarasso
  6. Dr. Amir Marashi
  7. Dr. Amiya Prasad
  8. Dr. Anat Zelmanovich
  9. Dr. Andrew P. Giacobbe
  10. Dr. Andrew Jacono
  11. Dr. Andrew Kornstein
  12. Dr. Arnold Breitbart
  13. Dr. Aron Kressel
  14. Dr. Barry Goldenberg
  15. Dr. Beth Preminger
  16. Dr. Brian Pinsky
  17. Dr. Barry Weintraub
  18. Dr. Cap Lesesne
  19. Dr. Charles Herman
  20. Dr. Christina Ahn
  21. Dr. Christopher Chia
  22. Dr. Constance Chen
  23. Dr. Dana Khuthaila
  24. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio
  25. Dr. Darrick Antell
  26. Dr. David Antell
  27. Dr. David Greenspun
  28. Dr. David Rapaport
  29. Dr. David Shafer
  30. Dr. Deborah Sarnoff
  31. Dillip Madani
  32. Dr. Dmitriy Bronfman
  33. Dr. Donald Roland
  34. Dr. Douglas Hargrave
  35. Dr. Douglas Senderoff
  36. Dr. Douglas Taranow
  37. Dr. Edmund Kwan
  38. Dr. Edward Kwak
  39. Dr. Edwin Williams
  40. Dr. Elie Levine
  41. Dr. Elliot Jacobs
  42. Dr. Elliott Rose
  43. Dr. George Lefkovits
  44. Dr. Gerlad Imber
  45. Dr. Gregory Latrenta
  46. Dr. Grigoriy Mashkevich
  47. Dr. Helen Colen
  48. Dr. Hooman Khorasani
  49. Dr. James A Gohar 
  50. Dr. Janis DiPietro
  51. Dr. Jay Birnbaum
  52. Dr. Jay Meisner
  53. Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore
  54. Dr. Jeffrey Wise
  55. Dr. Jeffrey Yager
  56. Dr. John Hunter
  57. Dr. John Perrotti
  58. Dr. Jonathan H. Sherwyn
  59. Dr. Joseph Capella
  60. Dr. Joseph Pober
  61. Dr. Joshua Greenwald
  62. Dr. Joshua Levine
  63. Dr. Kenneth Francis
  64. Dr. Kevin Tehrani
  65. Dr. Ksenija Belsley
  66. Dr. Lara Devgan
  67. Dr. Laurence Glickman
  68. Dr. Lawrence Bass
  69. Dr. Lloyd Gayle
  70. Dr. Louis Cutolo
  71. Dr. Mark Epstein
  72. Dr. Matthew Schulman
  73. Dr. Maurice Khosh
  74. Dr. Michelle Zweifler
  75. Dr. Nadia Afridi
  76. Dr. Neil Blitz
  77. Dr. Nima Patel
  78. Dr. Norman Rowe
  79. Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj
  80. Dr. Olivia Hutchinson
  81. Dr. Philip Miller
  82. Dr. Randall Feingold
  83. Dr. Richard Westreich
  84. Dr. Ryan Neinstein
  85. Dr. Robert Jacobs
  86. Dr. Ronald Shelton
  87. Dr. Sam Rizk
  88. Dr. Sharon Giese
  89. Dr. Susan Gannon
  90. Dr. Stafford Broumand
  91. Dr. Steven Fern
  92. Dr. Steven Wallach
  93. Dr. Sydney Coleman
  94. Dr. Tansar Mir
  95. Dr. Theodore Diktaban
  96. Dr. Thomas Loeb
  97. Dr. Thomas Romo
  98. Dr. Tracy Pfeifer
  99. Dr. William Portnoy
  100. Dr. Yogita Kashyap

Top 100 Cosmetic Doctors in New York – How the Doctors were Chosen

When researching and choosing the doctors for the 2021 list, the Cosmetic Team research team used a number of items to compile the list. These items included:

Current board certification for each doctor was necessary to be included in the Top 100 list. You can visit to get more information on the credentials of any doctor you are interested in visiting. United States doctors should be a member of the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). This organization can only be joined after receiving an invitation which means each of the doctors that belong to the organization are certified by the ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery).

The Cosmetic Town team took a look at the amount of research and peer sharing efforts the doctors performed on a regular basis. The doctors needed to demonstrate a continuing amount of peer sharing efforts by writing medical articles created for publication in medical journals. The writing, and sharing, of these articles showed their ongoing commitment to sharing their medical knowledge and expertise with peers in the world of cosmetic surgery.

Extensive consumer research, focused on the field of cosmetic surgery, was performed through the use of an intelligent algorithm. The areas that were included in the consumer research included relevant training, proven results, patient reviews and the years of experience for each doctor.

The amount, and type, of education efforts and interactions with their patients on a regular basis was also examined. The type of educational efforts conducted by the doctors included a number of items such as patient Q&A sections, blogs, relevant medical articles and online educational videos on the website of the doctor or on websites that specialize in patient education (such as Cosmetic Town).

Next Steps for Patients of New York Cosmetic Doctors

Now that you know the names of the Top 100 New York Cosmetic Doctors, you can take the next step in planning your cosmetic surgery procedure. Once you have conducted your own research, please contact one of the doctors from the list above to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your desire to have cosmetic surgery. The doctor will examine you to determine if you are an ideal patient for the desired procedure. The doctor will also answer any questions about the procedure, the recovery period and the realistic type of results you can expect to see after cosmetic surgery.

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