Plastic Surgery Reversal - Why it is So Popular

Posted November 10, 2022
Why plastic surgery reversal is popular

Plastic surgery remains a popular option for patients who want to enhance or rejuvenate the appearance of various body parts including the breasts, the nose, and the buttocks. There are also times when plastic surgery can be performed for functional reasons such as rhinoplasty that is needed to help a person breathe easier on a daily basis. However, there are times when patients want to make a change to the alterations they have already made to their body. Their desire to make additional changes might be the result of personal preferences changing or a trendy appearance or procedure starts to fall out of fashion. Here is a look at some of the reasons why plastic surgery reversal is so popular among patients.

One of the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Reversal Procedures

Trends in fashion and the tastes of the public evolve as people continue to age. There are trends in exercise, fashion, and movies that were once the “hot thing” but they are now regarded as being out of step with the current tastes of the country. Plastic surgery procedures can often fall victim to the changing times and one of the most common examples is breast implants.

There are patients who want to have bigger breasts when they are younger, but they might change their mind as the years pass. They might simply decide they do not want larger breasts as they no longer prefer that particular look. Instead, they decide to switch out their current breast implants for others that are a smaller size. Patients might want to completely remove their breast implants because they are causing them to suffer from constant neck or back pain due to the size and weight of the implants. In addition, the breast implants simply might not fit the current lifestyle of the patient as the person might want to have a different build to the body or they might be embarrassed to have overly large breasts in front of their family members (including their kids or their grandchildren). Instead, they might want to go with a more natural look to the size and shape of their breasts.

When it comes to any type of plastic surgery reversal, it is often a good idea to try and have the same surgeon perform the reversal. The original surgeon will be familiar with the anatomy of the patient and also be able to see how their motivation for plastic surgery has changed from the first procedure to the desired reversal.

In order to get a better idea of the popularity of breast implant removal surgery, the Aesthetic Society reported that breast implant removal procedures increased last year by a total of 47% for a total of more than 71,000 breast implant removal surgeries.

Other Popular Plastic Surgery Reversal Choices Made by Patients

A person who is not happy with the size or shape of their nose often turns to rhinoplasty to try and alter the appearance of the nose. Unfortunately, this does not mean that a person who has a nose job is always happy with the final results. They might want to have rhinoplasty revision surgery but this can prove to be a challenging surgery for the doctor. It can be difficult to make the desired reversal to the nose if the patient had too much bone or cartilage taken out of the nose. The patient might need to have a cartilage graft placed in the nose to try and reverse the results of the initial procedure performed by a surgeon.

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is when fat is transferred from another part of the body into the buttocks of the patient. The fat is removed from the first spot on the body using liposuction and then it is processed and purified so it can be injected into the butt. There are times when the patient actually has more fat placed in the butt than they wanted or they are simply not happy with the new look to the butt. Technically, a Brazilin butt lift cannot be reversed as the results are permanent. However, a surgeon can perform liposuction on the butt of the patient to remove some of the fat that was injected into the backside during the original procedure.

Plastic Surgery – Carefully Choose a Doctor

No matter the current trends in plastic surgery, it is important to carefully choose a doctor to perform the procedure of choice, Patients should schedule a consultation appointment to discuss the desired results and to also be examined by the doctor to make sure they are an ideal candidate for the surgery.

They should also ask to see examples of previous patients treated by the surgeon and also keep in mind that the changes made by plastic surgery will not change their identity. Entering the plastic surgery process with realistic expectations and a healthy attitude towards the changes it can make in their appearance helps patients enjoy successful results.

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