Human Ken Doll Spends $250,000 on Plastic Surgery

Posted January 31, 2015

Barbie would be impressed! Rodrigo Alves—aka the “Human Ken Doll”—has completely changed his appearance over the course of a decade. The 31-year-old flight attendant has undergone four nose jobs, a jaw reconstruction, cheek and chin fillers, brow lifts, and five liposuction treatments (along with a multitude of maintenance procedures) in order to achieve his ideal look. The price tag for this extreme makeover? A whopping $250,000!

Alves’ first surgery was at age 17, in order to correct his gynecomastia (the swelling of breast tissue in men), but he truly began his plastic surgery transformation at age 20. When he was a kid, Alves was a frequent bullying victim, and he wants to use his new fame to encourage body confidence in others. The point, he says, was never to look like a Ken Doll.

"People started to nickname me, but it doesn't bother me — I have fun with it," he explained to Us Weekly. "After all, Ken portrays the perfect male body form."

Alves most recent surgery—a 5-in-1 procedure that included a six-hour rhinoplasty—had to be performed in Colombia, after doctors in Los Angeles, Miami, and Dubai refused to treat him. Looking to the future, Alves is planning on pectoral implants in order to create a more defined chest.

Though many people are critiquing his efforts, Alves isn’t letting the haters get him down. "Plastic surgery has changed my life. I am much more confident and happy today," he says. "There are a lot of trolls online and people's opinion hasn't had an impact at all."


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