Odd Plastic Surgery Procedure Roundup

Posted January 28, 2016

When plastic surgery is discussed, a number of procedures that normally come to mind include rhinoplasty, breast implants, facelift and liposuction. However, there are multiple procedures that might not be top of mind at the first mention of plastic surgery even though they are often requested by a number of patients. Take a look below at some of these lesser known plastic surgeries often seen as being “odd” even though they are performed on patients.

Odd Plastic Surgery Procedures

  • Internal Bra – The internal bra functions as extra support for the breasts and breast implants and helps to fulfill the dreams of women who wants to attain the firm cleavage they desire. It is also called “Under the Skin Bra Surgery” but its proper name is “The Orbix Breast Support System”. This surgery is characterized by the insertion of a silicone sheet between a patient’s skin and breast tissue (which serves as the bra’s cup). The sheet is then held up by silk threads that are screwed into the rib cage with small titanium anchors. Women who are tired of putting on a bra on a daily basis, or who find taking a bra off at night too much trouble, can now find comfort in maintaining perfect standing breasts and cleavage of their choice.  While this might seem like an extreme way to not have to put on and take off a bra, the procedure has been gaining in popularity over the last few years.
  • Toe Surgery – The toes aren’t exactly the first body part that comes to mind when people are discussing plastic surgery. However, some people don’t seem to be happy with the size of their toes which makes them have toe shaving surgery which shaves them down to a smaller and skinnier size. Also, patients suffering from “toe-besity” can have fat and/or bone removed from their toes to reduce their overall size. Recovery from this type of plastic surgery takes about six to eight weeks. The first two weeks following the surgery require the patient to wear a surgical boot or cast to protect the foot. There are other toe surgeries like Hammer Toe Surgery, Bunion Surgery and Toe Shortening Surgery. In addition, patients can have a “toe tuck” that involves the pinky toe being shaved down. In some cases, women who enjoy wearing fashionable shoes request this procedure in order to be able to wear their stylish shoe choice to any and all social gatherings.
  • Mustache Implants – One of the most cherished features among men in the Middle East is a thick mustache. In this region of the world, full facial hair over the lip has long been viewed as a sign of wisdom, maturity and virility. Men in the Middle East who are not able to grow thick mustaches have turned to mustache implants in order to achieve the perfect facial hair look. The mustache hair is implanted through the use of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUT). Patients who have the implant are not allowed to shave for two weeks after the procedure and should see their final results within six months.
  • Earlobe Surgery – The phrase “flesh tunnels” might not be a household term but many people have seen the actual holes that are flesh tunnels. Fundamentally, the holes that result from wearing gauged ear piercings are called flesh tunnels. Earlobe surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that is performed to eliminate abnormalities in the earlobes of a person. There are two types of ear lobe surgery and they are flesh tunnel repair surgery and split earlobe repair surgery. These types of cosmetic procedure are commonly seen as curative methods for ear piercings that are too big as well as other types of body art that unfavorably impact the earlobes of a person. It is generally accepted that an ear that has been strained at least 1.5cm or less will be able to spring back into its normal shape without necessitating surgery. An ear that is stretched larger than 1.5cm in size usually requires surgery to repair the hole. The side effects of earlobe surgery are minimal which makes it a very safe procedure. Patients will experience minor discomfort as well as pain at the site of the operation but over-the-counter pain medication can help them minimize the pain quickly.
  • Selfie Surgery – The ever growing number of selfies each day on social media sites has contributed vastly to more people who request changes in their facial look. Many doctors say patients are more concerned than ever about their looks thanks to the rise of the selfie. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have grown due to pictures people post on them that make other users want to have “the right look” for their photos. The really odd thing about this trend is the fact that people can use filtering apps which can be downloaded online to change their “selfie look”. This seems to be an easier choice than undergoing surgery to change their overall look.  However, many patients would rather go under the knife to make sure they are “Instagram worthy” at all times.

Consult with a Board-Certified Doctor before Having an Odd Plastic Surgery

Patients that are looking to have a “normal” or “odd” plastic surgery procedure need to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon before having the surgery. The plastic surgeon can examine the patient to determine if the person is an ideal candidate for plastic surgery. In addition, the doctor will set realistic expectations so patients will not be disappointed by the final results.



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