Not Just for Women – Noninvasive Male Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Posted May 23, 2022
Male cosmetic surgery gaining popularity

In the past, noninvasive cosmetic surgery was often viewed as primarily being for women who were worried about their image and wanted to gain a youthful look by rejuvenating their appearance with Botox or fillers. These cosmetic procedures can help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and give a person a more youthful look. In addition, they are popular choices because they do not require any surgical incisions or taking time off work to have the treatment and also recover from the procedure. Male noninvasive procedures have been growing in popularity as men look to enhance their appearance and retain a youthful look.

Male Noninvasive Cosmetic Procedures – Popular Reasons for Having Them

One of the most popular reasons male patients want to have a cosmetic procedure is to eliminate the appearance of “male resting face.” This is the look that some men gain when a crease forms in-between the eyebrows thanks to the aging process and gravity.

Some men also want to gain a more defined look to the jawline by replacing volume that has been lost in the area alongside the chin. A more defined jawline gives a more youthful and powerful appearance to the patient.

Male Cosmetic Surgery – Growing in Popularity

Male cosmetic surgery popularityAccording to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the past twenty years has shown a 99% growth in the number of male patients receiving injectables such as fillers and Botox. As with many female patients, men want to “tweak” their appearance on areas of the body such as the chin, jawline, face, and neck. They want to gain a refreshed look without it being obvious that they had any type of cosmetic work performed on these areas.

Another reason for its growth in popularity is the large number of available procedures along with the convenience of being able to have a noninvasive cosmetic treatment.

Plus, men want to remain youthful in appearance when it comes to the business world. They do not want to look older than their colleagues as they feel it can hurt their future job prospects. There was even a headline in the last few years that had the title, “Why Men are Turning to Cosmetic Procedures for a Competitive Edge in the Boardroom.” The article described cosmetic procedures as being “nips, tucks and injections” that are also “stealth weapons to deploy in a Darwinian battle for corporate survival.” One person who was interviewed in the article said, “I play in the hi-tech and start-up world, where older individuals will be passed over. I simply aligned my outer appearance with my inner perspective.” In other words, male cosmetic procedures might involve a bit of vanity, but they are also about helping men achieving greater success in the workplace.

Male Noninvasive Cosmetic Procedures – How They Keep a Youthful Look

There seems to be no doubt that the appearance of a man in the workplace is just as important as it is to female employees. Besides Botox, some men might choose to have a Juvederm injection which is a hyaluronic acid filler that improves the look of wrinkles by adding volume to the targeted area.

The face is not the only area of the body where men are looking to gain some help in improving their appearance. CoolSculpting can reduce fat cells thanks to placing a roll of fat in-between two panels that cool the targeted area on the body to a freezing temperature. The freezing of the cells causes them to break down and leave the body gradually. Male patients enjoy this option because there is no downtime involved in the treatment as opposed to having liposuction.

There are even procedures that are marketed towards those who want to improve their chances in the business world by gaining a “Fortune 500 Face.’ There is a facelift procedure that is known as a “CEO Facelift,” and it involves the placement of tiny incisions behind the ears so there will be no signs of visible scarring following the procedure. Men who want to be known as a leader and even the “face of a company” are turning to this facelift procedure to gain a face made for business.

There is another set of procedures known as “Boardroom Executive” and the list of treatments includes a neck lift, recontouring of the jaw, an eye lift and liposculpture. The marketing behind this set of procedures states that men at the top of their game should also have a body that is at the top of its game.

Male Noninvasive Cosmetic Surgery – Some Doctors Urge Caution

Even with the continuing popularity of male cosmetic surgery, some medical experts are urging caution for male patients. They realize male patients (as well as female patients) have been taught by society that being attractive is a way to project an image of success. These doctors take the time to chat with patients about their reasons for wanting to having cosmetic surgery and the extent of the results they want to achieve. It is important for doctors to set realistic expectations and to also make sure their patients understand both the benefits and the risks of having cosmetic procedures. Surgeons have a responsibility to make sure patients are not trying to make so many changes that it can endanger their health or provide a final look that is not natural in appearance.


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