Discover the Non-Surgical Alternatives to a Facelift

Posted May 22, 2020
Learn more about the non-surgical alternatives to a facelift

When it comes to plastic surgery, one of the biggest final results desired by patients is a younger appearance to the face. The aging process has an impact on the look of everyone but there are some cosmetic procedures that doctors can perform to make the desired changes in the appearance of a person. One of the most popular plastic surgery choices is a facelift that turns back the clock on the appearance of a person. A facelift reduces the amount of facial wrinkles on the face of a patient which also improves the youthful look of the face. In order to reduce the impact of aging on the face, the surgeon will lift and tighten the underlying muscles in order to provide a better contour and also rejuvenate the facial structure. The plastic surgeon will remove any excess fat and skin that is making a person have an older appearance. While facelift surgery remains popular among patients aiming for a younger look to their face, there are also some non-invasive alternatives to having a facelift that are gaining in popularity

Popular Facelift Alternatives

  • Fillers – While Botox relaxes the muscles in the targeted area, fillers are used to fill-in lines and creases in the face by adding volume to those areas to restore fullness that has been lost. Fillers are made of a variety of substances and the most popular filler choice is hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a substance that naturally occurs in the skin. There are other filler choices such as Poly-L-lactic acid which reduces fine lines and promotes collagen production and calcium hydroxylapatite which is a substance that also naturally occurs in the body and it is mainly found in the bones of a person.
  • LED – A light-emitted diode, or LED, uses a wide range of lights that target different areas of the face. LED treatment is an effective choice to treat issues such as acne, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and rosacea. LED treatments also target inflammation and redness that have occurred on the face. In addition to LED treatments, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments are also a good choice for patients that are looking to treat issues such as damage from the sun and pigmentation issues. The light from both treatments is absorbed by the skin and collagen is produced to provide a more youthful look.
  • Thermage – Thermage is a cosmetic surgery procedure that does more than help the skin look less wrinkled. Thermage also promotes the production of new collagen in the skin which helps to tighten the skin and provide a more contoured look. Thermage is also performed to treat other issues on the body such as fine lines, dimpled skin and cellulite along with providing a lifted look to the cheeks, eyebrows and jawline. Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin and rejuvenate the look of a person. The radiofrequency device is passed over the skin of the patient. Once the device touches the skin of the patient, there is a short cooling effect before a heating sensation occurs that means the radiofrequency energy is going deeper into the skin in order to promote the production of new collagen.
  • Facetite – Facetite is a minimally invasive treatment that addresses issues of skin laxity and it also works to eliminate excess fat and sagging skin. Facetite uses radiofrequency-assisted liposuction, to provide thermal heating to the targeted area, using external and internal electrodes placed in the targeted areas that have extra fat or dead tissue. Facetite is an effective treatment for areas located above the shoulders on the body so it can be performed on multiple sections of the body such as the neck, jawline, mouth, forehead, cheeks and eyebrows.
  • Botox – Even if patients are not sure how Botox works, it is a treatment that many people have heard of when it comes to attaining a more youthful and rejuvenated look to the face. Botox injections limit the amount of muscle activity in the treated area. Botox is injected into a targeted muscle that is located near a wrinkle so neuromuscular blockers can limit the amount of muscle contractions in the area where the injection is performed. The Botox injection allows the muscles to relax as well as help the skin achieve a smooth appearance thanks to the elimination of unwanted wrinkles. Thanks to the Botox injection, the skin is not continually pulled which can cause an older look to the skin.

Consult with an Experienced Surgeon about Facelift Alternatives

Before a patient makes the final decision about rejuvenating the appearance of the face, the person needs to schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor that is experienced in skin rejuvenation techniques. The doctor will examine the skin of the patient to determine the type of results that can be expected as well as the best method to achieve those results. In addition, the doctor will be able to set realistic expectations so the patient will not be surprised by the length of the final results. The facelift alternative treatments listed above are all non-invasive techniques which means the final results will not last as long as a surgical procedure such as a facelift.



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