The Top 3 Most Popular Plastic Surgery for Men

Posted November 18, 2021
Popular male cosmetic surgery

Although men only make up about 8\\\\% of the plastic surgeries in North America, it still doesn’t change the fact that men are going under the knife to improve or enhance their looks. The recent uptick of interest for cosmetic surgeries due to the “zoom boom” also includes interest from males.  

And with the sudden phenomenon of cosmetic surgery inquiries, it can make you wonder which cosmetic procedures are men requesting? And what type of results are men looking to achieve with these facial or body enhancements? 

We will uncover all these questions and share the top three most requested plastic surgeries for men. But first, where did we get our data? 

ASPS Statistics Report: Plastic Surgeries for Men   

For the past 20 years, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a non-profit organization, has published a report about cosmetic surgeries across the U.S. and Canada. The report collects data about cosmetic procedures, the top trends, and patient demographics. 

In the latest report, it ranks the highest performed plastic surgeries on men in North America. 

Top Three Plastic Surgeries for Men: 

  1. Nose Reconstruction (Rhinoplasty)
  2. Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
  3. Cheek Implant Surgery

Let’s take a deeper look into each cosmetic procedure performed on males. 

Rhinoplasty for Men 

Rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure to help reshape a patient’s nose for a more aesthetic appeal or structural balance to the overall facial structure. The surgery could also be a solution to improve the function of the nose for better air passage. 

There are two main types of rhinoplasty procedures, open and closed surgery. 

An open rhinoplasty begins with a small incision across the strip of skin in between the nostrils (called the columella). The incision allows the surgeon to reshape the cartilage and bones in the nose. If a deviated septum is present, the surgeon will adjust the nasal septum (the thin wall between the nostrils). The adjustment helps for better airflow and centers the nose.  

A closed rhinoplasty, also known as scarless rhinoplasty, is when an incision is made inside the nose, and there is less dissection of the nasal cartilage from the underlying tissue. 

What do men request from this surgery?

Males typically request the reshaping of the nose to maintain a strong overall look. They generally ask for conservative changes, like not making the nose too narrow in shape or making sure the nose’s tip is pointed down, not up. These are common traits you would typically find with a feminine look. 

What to Expect with Rhinoplasty Procedure

The procedure and recovery time for a rhinoplasty surgery will vary from patient to patient. However, you should expect to take time away from your everyday activities for the first few days post-surgery. Patients should expect some swelling and bruising around the nose and eye area. A splint will be placed to help maintain the shape of the newly constructed nose. The splint is typically removed at the first visit post-surgery with the surgeon.  

The final result of the nose job could take up to twelve weeks for the swelling, bruising, and healing of scars to normalize. 

Eyelid Surgery for Males

Eyelid surgery for men can be an upper or lower (or both) blepharoplasty procedure. This cosmetic surgery aims to remove excess skin or fat from the areas of the eyes to help them appear more awake or rejuvenated.

Upper blepharoplasty involves making an incision along the upper lid’s crease, removing the extra skin that hangs over it. The incision can also help remove any accumulated fat around the eyelid area closest to the nose.

Lower blepharoplasty starts with an incision made 1-mm or 2-mm below the eyelash and out into the crow’s foot, raising the tissue and going underneath the fat compartments of the lower lid.

Who is a good candidate?

An ideal candidate for eyelid surgery is suffering from excessive bags under the eyes or sagging skin above the eyelids. Eyelid surgery can make a striking difference to the appearance of a person’s look. A good candidate should be prepared for a moderate to considerable change to their facial features. 

What to Expect with an Eyelid Surgery

After upper or lower eyelid surgery, patients’ eyelids will be swollen and, in some cases, will lose feeling for a few days. The swelling will subside about a week post-surgery, and bruising will occur and could last for up to 2-3 weeks. In some cases, patients notice a temporary change in vision after surgery, but it is not permanent. 

Have a question about a type of cosmetic surgery that you are thinking of having? You can ask a question to one of the board-certified doctors. 

Cheek Implants for Men

Cheek implant surgery for males aims to combat the side effects of aging when the skin has lost its natural volume and creates a sunken appearance with the cheeks. Check implants for males makes defined angles to the face for a more chiseled appearance. 

The facial implants are made of medical-grade silicone that is inserted above the cheekbone. 

Who is a good candidate?

An ideal candidate is looking to restore volume into the cheeks to create a proportional and contoured look. They are also prepared for a sizable change in appearance to their face’s overall look and shape. A person who may be allergic to silicone should consult with a cosmetic surgeon to determine if they are suitable for this type of procedure. 

What to expect with a cheek implant surgery

After a patient is placed under anesthesia, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon will start the surgery by marking the face where the implants will be placed. The surgeon then makes a small incision inside the mouth, creating a pocket to insert the implant on both sides. 

Patients should expect a couple of days of bed rest and can typically expect a liquid diet during this period. There will be swelling and bruising on the face from the surgery, and it could last for one to two weeks. 

What if I am a Male Looking to Have Cosmetic Surgery? 

It is always recommended to do your research of board-certified surgeons who have experience performing male plastic surgeries. 

Take the time to make an appointment to interview several surgeons, and don’t be shy about showing picture examples of your ideal outcome or inspiration. 

The more information you can provide to the surgeon, the better chances are for your ideal outcome. 

To find a local doctor experienced with treating cellulite, take a look at our “Find a Doctor” navigation tool. 

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