Double Chin Dilemma - How to Get Rid of Two Chins

Posted October 06, 2023
Learn how you can get rid of two chins

No matter the age or gender of a person, it is quite common to develop a double chin due to excess fat that is located on the chin. In addition to the development and visibility of the double chin, a person can also experience low self-esteem and negative feelings about their appearance. The issue of a double chin can be addressed so let’s discover how to eliminate it by starting with the latest video from Cosmetic Town TV:

Double Chin – What Causes it to Appear?

One of the most common misconceptions about the formation of a double chin is that it is always caused by obesity. This is a possibility, but people of all body types can develop a double chin that also exhibits an amount of fullness to the neck.

In addition, genetic factors can also cause the formation of a double chin. These genetic factors can include the size and position of the glands under the jaw, the length of the jaw, the health of the skin, the posture of the person, and excess fullness to the muscles that are located in the deep section of the neck.

Double Chin – How to Eliminate It

While a double chin is a term used to describe an excess amount of tissue in the area of the neck located under the chin, it is not technically a medical term. If there is a need for a medical description for a double chin that makes the neck area under the chin gain a look that is convex and round, the medical description could be submental fat excess or submental fullness.

How to Eliminate Double ChinFor patients who are looking to treat a double chin, the fullness in the area is not simply an amount of extra fat. A double chin might be the result of a combination of causes so, instead of having one certain treatment in mind, the ideal treatment can be viewed as the option that is best for the needs of the specific person.

If the patient does not mind having an invasive surgical treatment for a double chin, liposuction can be performed to eliminate and remove some of the extra fat in the targeted area. Liposuction is able to eliminate stubborn and hard to remove fat from the area of the body that is being treated. Incisions are created in the treated area so a cannula can be inserted into the body to break up the stubborn fat and then remove it from the body.

There are also noninvasive treatment options and one of the most popular treatments is Kybella which is an injectable medication that is able to reduce the amount of fat in the region of the neck. Kybella is another name for deoxycholic acid, and the aim of the injections is to produce lipolysis which is a melting of the fat cells. Once the fat cells start to melt, the submental fullness begins to reduce in the body.

Another noninvasive treatment option is CoolSculpting and this procedure is able to freeze excess fat in the treated area in order to help remove it from portions of the body where it has been stubborn and hard to remove.

Patients can also work on reducing the look of a double chin while they are at home. The most effective way to address a double chin at home is weight loss. Having said that, the loss of weight might not eliminate the look and amount of a double chin if the issue of excess weight is not the underlying cause of the formation of the double chin.

Even though there are additional techniques that might be able to reduce the look of a double chin on a temporary basis, the extent and length of the changes depends on the cause of the double chin. For example, a lymphatic massage can reduce the amount of excess fluid by massaging the lymphatic fluid away from the submental area. However, the results are only temporary and only provide visible changes if the cause of the double chin is excess fluid.

Whether the patient wants to visit the office of a doctor for a treatment or try to treat the issue at home, they should first seek the advice and guidance of a board-certified doctor who can examine the double chin of the patient and determine the severity of the condition. The doctor will be able to assess the reason for the formation of the double chin as well as the extent of the condition. It is important to know exactly why a double chin has formed on the body because that information helps to guide the doctor when it comes to sharing information with the patient who is concerned about eliminating the look of the double chin. Once the medical professional has this information, the doctor will be able to share the most effective treatment options with the patient.

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