Injectable Butt Lift - Get a Bigger Booty without Surgery

Posted May 09, 2022
Get a Bigger Booty Without Surgery

As a person gets older, the butt can start to naturally lose some of its shape and fullness. The result can be a booty that has a sagging look due to aging, fluctuations in weight and/or gravity. A droopy butt can make a person feel sell-conscious about their appearance to the point they want to gain a more youthful and perky look to the butt. Patients who are interested in gaining an improved look to their backside might want to consider an injectable butt lift to gain the desired results.

Injectable Butt Lift Explained

An injectable butt lift is performed when a surgeon places dermal fillers or transfers fat into the buttocks to give the booty a more enhanced shape that makes it have a round or curvy look.

The choices for an injectable but lift procedure include a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) or a Sculptra butt lift.  The decision about which procedure to have depends on the final results the patient wants to obtain and the recommendation of the surgeon.

A butt lift that involves the use of Sculptra means the medical provider will insert the filler deep beneath the surface of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. The growth of collagen will give the buttocks a look that is curvier and fuller as time passes.

The fat that is used during a Brazilian butt lift is taken from another area of the body. The butt gains a fuller, rounder look while the area where liposuction was performed also gains a more contoured appearance.

Sculptra, which is an injectable dermal filler, is the only truly nonsurgical butt lift option available to patients. A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure because it requires the removal of fat from another area of the body via liposuction. The fat is removed from the other area and then it is processed and purified before it is injected into the butt of the patient.

Ideal Candidates for Injectable Butt Lift

A person that is an ideal candidate for an injectable butt lift is someone who is looking to gain a more contoured look to the butt. The person should also be in overall good health.

If the person has a low body fat percentage, a dermal butt filler might be the best option since they likely do not have enough body fat to be removed via liposuction. If the person has enough excess fat elsewhere on the body that can be removed via liposuction, that patient is likely an ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift.

Injectable Butt Lift Costs

Since an injectable lift is considered to be an elective cosmetic procedure, it will likely not be covered by health insurance. This means the patient will need to pay for the entire procedure out of pocket.

The average cost of a Sculptra butt lift starts around $4000 (or above) and the final cost depends on the number of vials of filler used by the doctor as well as any additional fees charged by the facility or the doctor and the area of the country where the procedure is performed.

The average cost of a Brazilian butt lift can be anywhere from $2400-$11,000 depending on the area of the country where it is performed. The cost also depends on the amount of liposuction and any additional fees charged by the doctor or the facility.

The recovery time from a Sculptra butt lift is minimal as the placement of fillers requires little to no downtime. The recovery period after a Brazilian butt lift is more involved and patients should expect to see some swelling and bruising in the treated area as well as some soreness. They will not be able to apply direct pressure on the butt for several week so they should only use a donut shaped pillow if they have to sit down. Patients will need to sleep on their side or stomach and wear a compression garment for a week or two after the procedure. In total, it can take about six weeks before the soreness and discomfort subside after the procedure.

Injectable Butt Lift Risks

The possible risks from having Sculptra placed in the buttocks include pain and soreness along with the risk of the Sculptra “settling” in a way that it looks bumpy or like there are lumps in the treated area.

The possible risks of a Brazilian butt lift include an infection, scars, or pain in the treated area. In addition, there is a risk of a fat embolism resulting from the fat making its way through the body to the lungs.

Injectable Butt Lift Results

The results vary depending on the type of procedure performed by the doctor.

If the patient gets dermal fillers placed in the buttocks, the final results will not be permanent. In general, the results can last anywhere from two to three years although some patients have seen results that last up to four years.

The results of a Brazilian butt lift should be permanent as long as the patient follows the post-op instructions provided by the doctor, maintains a healthy lifestyle, and also does not experience either a large weight loss or large weight gain after the procedure.

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