Discover the Best Los Angeles Doctors for Cosmetic Ear Surgery in 2019

Posted October 30, 2019
Best Doctors for Cosmetic Ear Surgery in Los Angeles in 2019

The ears can be a source of great concern for people of all ages. They can stick out too far from the head, they can look overly large or they can lack a symmetrical look so they don’t have a balanced appearance with the rest of the head. Patients that desire a change in the look of their ears can have cosmetic ear surgery, AKA otoplasty, to change the size or shape of the ears. Otoplasty, which is also known as ear pinning, is able to correct any defects or deformities of the ears that have been caused by an accident or trauma as well as defects that have been present since birth. Otoplasty can give a look to the ears that is more aesthetically pleasing to the patient as well as those that are viewing the ears. Otoplasty patients can include:

  • Adults and teens unhappy with the look of their ears since they were kids
  • Newborn babies that have large or protruding ears

Patients that want to make a change in the overall appearance, size or shape of their ears can travel to Los Angeles to visit otoplasty ear surgery experts. While Los Angeles is the home of some of the best otoplasty surgeons in the country, it should be noted that this cosmetic ear surgery is also performed in cities all across the country.

In order to identify the top doctors currently performing Los Angeles cosmetic ear surgery, our research team used the Cosmetic Town intelligent system to create a list of the “Best Los Angeles Doctors for Cosmetic Ear Surgery in 2019”:

Los Angeles Otoplasty Techniques

Otoplasty surgery starts when the surgeon makes an incision behind the ear so the cartilage in that area will be exposed. Once the incision is created, the surgeon removes a portion of the excess skin in the treated area order to get the results desired by the patient once the cartilage is reshaped. If necessary, the ear can be repositioned so it is located closer to the head once the incision is closed. This step is performed if the patient feels the ears stick out too far from the side of the head.

In general, otoplasty surgery is performed using two techniques

  • Cartilage Scoring – An incision is made in the cartilage of the ear to allow the cosmetic surgeon to add, remove or rearrange tissue. Patients run a risk of having a scar after the surgery since an incision is created by the doctor.
  • Cartilage Sparing – Sutures and stitches are used to alter the position and overall shape of the ear. Patients have a smaller chance of scars after surgery since this is a less invasive technique.

Los Angeles Otoplasty for Babies

Babies born with ears that stick out too far from the head, or are viewed as being overly large, can undergo a procedure known as ear molding.  This otoplasty technique is ideal for very young patients that can even be as young as a few weeks of age. Ear molding can alter the appearance of ears that have not yet unrolled or ears with rims that are viewed as being “scrunched” since it is a treatment that changes the ears into a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

Los Angeles Otoplasty Costs

The total price of otoplasty surgery depends on the technique used by the surgeon, the amount of work that needs to be done to the ears and any fees that are charged by the doctor or the facility. When it comes to the final cost of otoplasty surgery, the cost is anywhere from $3000-$7000.

Los Angeles Otoplasty Results and Recovery

Otoplasty recovery begins with the head of the patient being wrapped in heavily padded cotton bandages that hold the ears in place and protect them as the patient is healing from the surgery. After the heavy bandages have been worn for a few days, the patient will then need to wear a lighter bandage on the head for a few additional days. After a week of recovery time, a soft headband will be worn to keep the ears in their new position. The full recovery period will last anywhere from four to six weeks.

Otoplasty results start to be seen once the swelling and bruising begins to go down on its own. The improvements in the results will continue for up to twelve months. The final results are permanent as long as the patient does not suffer any injury or trauma to the ears.

Los Angeles Otoplatsy Doctor Consultation

Patients looking to make a change in the shape, look or size of their ears need to schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified surgeon that is experienced in performing otoplasty techniques for patients of all ages. The surgeon will examine the ears of the patient to determine the extent of the changes that can be made in the size and shape of the ears. The surgeon will also determine if the patient is an ideal candidate for otoplasty cosmetic ear surgery.



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