Cosmetic Surgery - Steps for a Successful Recovery

Posted November 06, 2020
Cosmetic surgery - See the steps for a successful recovery

Patients that want to undergo cosmetic surgery often spend more time researching their doctor and how the procedure is performed instead of researching the recovery process. Many patients do not consider what the recovery period will involve and the steps they will need to take to ensure a successful recovery. Cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction and abdominoplasty all require patients to follow the post-op instructions provided by their doctor in order to ensure a successful recovery from the procedure. Take a look below for the steps patients need to follow after cosmetic surgery.

Steps for a Successful Recovery after Cosmetic Surgery

Steps to Successful Recovery after cosmetic surgeryFollow the Instructions – Some patients are tempted to simply follow their own instincts about when they are ready to resume normal activities. This is not always the best idea as the timeline and instructions given to patients by board-certified doctors come from years of experience. The best way to have a successful recovery period is to follow the advice of the surgeon that performed the cosmetic surgery procedure. Someone that had cosmetic surgery should not rely on the Internet for advice or simply ignore the instructions provided to them by the doctor. The failure to review and follow post-op instructions put both the results and the health of the person at risk. Some of the most common post-op instructions include getting plenty of rest to help the healing process of the body, avoiding activities that are nonessential and taking any prescribed medications that help anyone that needs pain relief.

Keep Moving to Stay Healthy – Doctors recommend that patients do not perform activities that involve heavy lifting or putting too much strain on the body while they are recovering from a procedure. They do recommend that patients take regular walks to prevent the formation of blood clots.

Healthy Lifestyle – Smoking can impact the healing process and slow it down so patients are advised not to smoke while they are recovering from a cosmetic surgery treatment. In general, a clean and healthy lifestyle helps people enjoy an easier recovery process. A healthy lifestyle includes avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Plan Ahead – The amount of recovery time a patient will experience varies per person. Some of the factors that go into the length of the recovery process include the type of cosmetic procedure that was performed, the amount of work involved in the treatment and the health of the patient before the surgery. Some of the steps people can follow to make the recovery process easier it to prepare meals in advance and arrange for help with children and pets.  The less daily tasks a person has to perform while healing means the more rest they will get during the recovery process.

Elevation and Arnica – Once the cosmetic surgery is performed, patients are often advised to place ice on the treated area and also elevate the treated area to help reduce the amount of swelling. Many doctors also recommend the use of arnica, AKA bromelain tablets, as they help to reduce the amount of pain and swelling experienced by a person.

Examination before the Cosmetic Surgery – The first step in the cosmetic surgery process is making sure the patient is healthy enough to have a procedure. A doctor needs to give medical clearance for a person to have any type of cosmetic treatment. Patients that smoke need to stop because it is safer for a nonsmoker to have a surgical procedure. The doctor will also give the person medication and/or instructions to follow that will help to keep blood flowing properly and prevent the formation of blood clots once the cosmetic surgery is over. These steps that are performed before the cosmetic treatment are an important part of the overall recovery process.

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery is Not Accomplished Alone

cosmetic surgery recovery needsWhile the cosmetic surgery procedure of choice is being performed on a single patient, the actual recovery process cannot be accomplished alone.

The first person to help with a successful recovery period is the doctor that examines the patient before performing the treatment. It is up to the doctor to stress the importance of properly following the post-op instructions as well following the steps that are necessary to prepare for the procedure.

Once the cosmetic surgery is performed, the patient will likely need to rely on a support system of friends and family to help make sure the person does not try to overdo it while recovering. Friends and family members can cook meals, walk pets and run errands so the person that had the cosmetic surgery is able to get the necessary amount of rest.

The last step of a successful recovery period is to enter the cosmetic surgery process with realistic expectations. It is vital that the patient knows the amount of results that can be expected following a procedure. A successful cosmetic surgery procedure is one where the patient is happy with the final results and is not disappointed or surprised after the surgery.



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