Cosmetic Surgery Fears - How to Get Past Your Concerns

Posted March 18, 2021
Cosmetic Surgery concerns

The fear of the unknown is one that can cause many concerns for cosmetic surgery patients. From Botox and fillers to rhinoplasty and a facelift, cosmetic surgery that alters or enhances the appearance of the body can be a scary idea for patients of any age. If you are preparing to have cosmetic surgery, and are feeling concerned about the procedure, please remember that you are not alone and many people have the same worries. Take a look below at some of the most common concerns felt by patients as they prepare to undergo cosmetic surgery. Once you read these concerns, and realize how common they are, you will be able to work past your fears and enter into the procedure with an open and calm mind.

Common Cosmetic Surgery Concerns

  • Complications Concerns – If you are worried about possible complications after your cosmetic surgery of choice, be sure and discuss your concerns with the doctor. Before the procedure, the surgeon will give you pre-op and post-op instructions to follow in order to prepare for the treatment and how to ensure you enjoy the best possible results once your recovery period is over. Some of the steps doctors usually ask their patients to follow in advance of the treatment including stopping smoking and maintaining a stable weight for a certain amount of time.
  • Anesthesia Concerns – Many people share the fear of being put to sleep with anesthesia and not waking up. While anesthesia is used to relax patients and lessen the chances of feeling any pain during the surgery, there are some patients that have a great fear of being administered anesthesia. Discuss whether or not your particular procedure will require anesthesia so the doctor can address your concerns.
  • Inferior Results Concerns – The Internet is filled with stories and photos of “cosmetic surgery gone wrong”. You might be afraid of getting results that make your appearance look “odd” or “off”. Be sure and discuss your desired results with the doctor so he, or she, can set realistic expectations before the treatment. Plus, you should ask to view “before and after” photos of actual patients treated by the doctor so you can view the type of results you can expect.
  • Pain(ful) Concerns – No matter the type of cosmetic surgery being performed, the fear of suffering from pain is shared by many people. While almost every person that undergoes a medical procedure shares the concern of experiencing pain, it is helpful to remember that pain management techniques have advanced to the point that even more invasive cosmetic surgery procedures have levels of pain that are quite manageable by experienced and board-certified surgeons.
  • Concerns about Paying for the Procedure – The first thing to remember about paying for cosmetic surgery is the old saying…You get what you pay for”. The chance to have a procedure for a lower price might be tempting but paying a lower price does not mean you are getting five-star service and results. The worry about paying for cosmetic surgery often stops patients from having the procedure. Do proper research and choose a doctor that is board-certified and experienced in performing your procedure of choice. You might be surprised to find that many doctors offer payment plans which can make the total cost changed by even the most experienced doctor affordable and easy to manage on a monthly basis.
  • A concern about being judged by others – Not everyone wants the general public to know they decided to have cosmetic surgery. They are afraid of being judged by others and viewed as being vain or wasting their money on unnecessary surgery. Thankfully, the idea of having a cosmetic procedure is much more accepted these days and is not viewed negatively by others. Since you will likely experience some bruising and swelling after the surgery, it is best for you to be open and honest about your upcoming procedure with your friends and family. If they know in advance that you are having a procedure, they will not judge you and will appreciate you sharing that information with them.
  • Concerns about the Length of the Results – One very common question about cosmetic surgery is…How long will the results last? The length of the results depends on the type of procedure that is performed. Botox and fillers will need regular follow-up treatments to maintain the results while a facelift can last anywhere from 10-20 years.

Now that you have read some of the most common cosmetic surgery concerns, it is time for you to make the final decision about undergoing a procedure. If you are still uncomfortable or unsure about undergoing a cosmetic treatment, be sure and contact your doctor and schedule a consultation appointment where you can discuss your concerns. The final decision about what is best for you (and your body) is up to you and how you feel about the changes that can be made to your appearance through cosmetic surgery.

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