Discover Cosmetic Surgery Dangers during COVID-19

Posted May 01, 2020
Learn cosmetic surgery dangers for patients during COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in the majority of people all over the world having to spend the majority of their time in their homes in order to slow the spread of the virus. The closure of businesses that are considered to be “non-essential” includes many cosmetic surgery centers and clinics which are forcing cosmetic surgery patients to miss regularly scheduled treatments to receive Botox or fillers or other cosmetic procedures. While these medical facilities are ready to be used, if necessary, to treat patients that have tested positive for the disease, some patients are curious if they can still have cosmetic treatments performed during “shelter in place” restrictions.

Reasons for Wanting Cosmetic Surgery during the COVID-19 Pandemic

People that are interested in undergoing cosmetic surgery while being forced to shelter in place enjoy the idea of having a cosmetic procedure and recovering away from the eyes of the public while at home. They also like the idea of not having to take time off work to have a procedure like liposuction or rhinoplasty as well as not having to schedule time off from the office to recover from the surgery.

Even though the reasons listed above are shared by many people, many states have mandated that elective surgeries must stop which makes it impossible (at the moment) for doctors and hospitals to continue offering cosmetic procedures no matter how much patients request them.

Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery during the Coronavirus Pandemic

There are many items related to cosmetic surgery that can be considered to be dangers to patients during the outbreak of COVID-19:

  • The recovery process from a comsetic surgery procedure can take some time and patients should be prepared to take extra precautions to maintain their health during the healing period after a comsetic surgery treatment.
  • Even if the patient is not showing signs of the disease, or if the patient has tested negative for COVID-19, around 50\\% of those affected by coronavirus are asymptomatic which means there is no guarantee that everyone on the surgical staff in a hospital or surgical clinic is free from the virus.

While a cosmetic procedure in an accredited medical facility might seem like a safe idea, there are concerns about what might happen if a patient suffers from any complications that require the person to go to a hospital. Medical officials will likely not want to take a hospital bed away from a patient suffering from COVID-19 and give it to a person that was undergoing what might be viewed as an unnecessary procedure during the global health crisis. As mentioned above, patients will need time to recover from having a cosmetic procedure which means their overall health and immune system will be weakened for a certain amount of time.

Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery and COVID-19

Even though celebrities are often able to live their lives as they desire on a daily basis, they have also had their daily routines disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. While some celebrities are staying out of the public eye except for trips to the grocery store, others have been spotted out and about by the paparazzi and their appearance looks a bit different thanks to a lack of cosmetic surgery enhancements.

One of the most popular, and active, celebrities on social media is Kylie Jenner. She has been suspected of having lip fillers, fat grating in her buttocks and breast augmentation in the past. She is rarely seen without makeup and a “camera ready” outfit for her fans and other celebrity watchers. That is why the public was surprised by her appearance this month when Kylie was photographed delivering snacks to a friend.

Her look was described as “pale and clean-faced” as her appearance was lacking lip fillers, an artificial tan and perfectly microbladed eyebrows. It is rare to see a celebrity whose career is based on her appearance being caught in a very candid moment.

Are other celebrities deciding to embrace the natural look or are they having secret procedures at home regardless of the statewide mandates about not performing elective cosmetic procedures? These questions might not be answered until the shelter in place restrictions are lifted in California as well as other states where celebrities reside and visit cosmetic surgeons on a regular basis.

Botox requires maintenance treatments every three or four months so it is possible that some celebrities will be seen with facial features that are not as tight as in the past. Fillers usually need maintenance treatments every six to twelve months and the frequency of filler treatments depends on the type of filler used as well as the amount of filler injected into the body. Because facial fillers do not need to be performed as often as Botox, it is not likely that all celebrities will end the lockdown period with thinner lips and less volume in the face. 

There is also speculation that some celebrities might be receiving cosmetic treatments at home which poses a new set of problems. It is not possible to bring an entire medical facility to a home environment so there is the chance of not having all of the necessary tools to perform a procedure.

At-Home Cosmetic Surgery Treatment Options during COVID-19

As social distancing requirements have tightened, many doctors have turned to at-home cosmetic surgery treatments that do not involve having to visit patients at their homes.

Many doctors are performing online consultation appointments via Skype or Zoom to view patients and discuss the options/treatments available to them at this time.

There are some at-home options for patients looking to continue their cosmetic treatment results and they include:

  • Peeling kits for use at-home but still supervised by a medical professional
  • Dermal rollers instead of microneedling
  • Medical grade skincare such as sunblock, toners, cleansers and moisturizers
  • Lip plumping gloss instead of lip fillers
  • Silicone wrinkle pads instead of Botox

One point many doctors would like patients to remember is that the loss of the results from fillers and Botox might work to the advantage of patients once they are able to visit cosmetic surgery centers again. These patients might be less self-conscious about their looks after the results of cosmetic treatments have worn off and they can begin their treatments again from a more natural appearance and starting point.



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