Take a Look at Some of the Most Common Plastic Surgery Myths

Posted June 02, 2020
Take a Look at Some of the Most Common Plastic Surgery Myths

The Internet is a helpful resource for patients of all ages that are searching for information about various plastic surgery procedures. Thanks to the information that is available for reading and studying on the Internet, most patients arrive at the office of a doctor with a basic knowledge of what their desired procedure involves as well as the expected recovery time after the cosmetic surgery is performed. Unfortunately, there is a good deal of misinformation that can also be found on the Internet. While plastic surgeons spend a good amount of time educating their patients, they also have to spend some time dispelling common plastic surgery myths. Here is a look at some of the most common plastic surgery myths believed by patients across the country.

Common Plastic Surgery Myths

  • Surgical Results without SurgerySurgical Results without Surgery – While there are many nonsurgical cosmetic treatments such as Botox and fillers available to patients, none of the results from these nonsurgical options last as long as the results from an invasive surgical procedure. The results from a cosmetic surgery procedure like rhinoplasty can last a lifetime while the results from the injection of fillers into the nose to change its shape will only last 9-12 months (depending on how long it takes the body to absorb the filler).
  • Surgery without Scars – Many patients hope they will not get any type of scar after they have an invasive plastic surgery. The hope that the body will not have a scar is not realistic as the body heals itself by forming scar tissue. Patients should discuss where the scar will be placed on the body so it can be hidden as much as possible to the average eye.
  • Breast Implants Need to be Changed every 10 Years – One of the most common plastic surgery myths is the idea that breast implants needs to be replaced every 10 years. There are some reasons that breast implants might need to be changed or replaced such as a rupture of the implants, the desire of the patient to get a larger or smaller breast size and the changes that can happen to the appearance of the body through severe weight fluctuations or the birth of a child. Patients should have a yearly checkup to make sure there are no issues with their breast implants. In general, breast implants can last anywhere from 15-20 years.
  • Fat Removed during Liposuction can Come Back – The fat that is removed during a liposuction procedure will not come back in the area that was treated using liposuction. The body can still gain fat in areas that have not been treated by liposuction but the fat will not return in the area treated using liposuction.
  • Plastic surgery does not give fake lookPlastic Surgery Makes People Have a “Fake Look” – One of the most common myths and fears that can result from plastic surgery is that it will make a person look “fake”.  Many of the fears come from the appearance of celebrities that have a look that is “overdone”. It should be noted that the vast majority of patients have a natural look to their appearance after undergoing plastic surgery. The natural look means that the person does not have an appearance that shows any signs of having a surgical procedure. The patient will end up having a look that enhances their appearance and showcases the natural beauty of the person.
  • People Age Faster if They Stop Their Treatments – Many patients have the fear that they will start to look older at a more rapid rate if they stop using Botox of fillers. This is not true because the appearance of patients will simply return to the baseline appearance they had before their cosmetic treatments.
  • Breast Implants Provide a Breast Lift – There is a common plastic surgery myth that the placement of breast implants will cause a person to also undergo a breast lift. This is not true as breast implants will stay in place as time passes so it is important that a patient requests a breast lift instead of assuming one will also happen with the placement of the breast implants.
  • Only Rich People can Afford Plastic Surgery – Plastic surgery is performed all over the world on patients of all ages and income levels. The myth that plastic surgery is only for the rich and famous comes from the appearance of celebrities on the red carpet that have undergone a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) or a facelift. Plastic surgery is affordable for patients of any income level in America.

Consult with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Patients that are interested in undergoing plastic surgery should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon before making the final decision to have a plastic surgery procedure. The plastic surgeon will schedule a consultation with the patient to examine the person and determine the best method to achieve the desired results. In addition, the plastic surgeon will set realistic results for the patient so the person will not be surprised or disappointed by the length of the final results as well as the appearance or type of final results.



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