Celebs With Too Much Plastic Surgery

Posted November 11, 2015

It seems like there are always new stories about celebrities having plastic surgery. In the world of Hollywood, there is pressure to look youthful and not be viewed as an older person. Unfortunately, this has caused the number of celebrities with too much plastic surgery to greatly increase. Celebrities sometimes take the desire to have plastic surgery a little too far and have so many procedures that they are almost unrecognizable. In fact, there are some celebrities who are now known more for their plastic surgery instead of their acting skills. Check out our list of celebrities known for having too much plastic surgery.

Celebrities with Too Much Plastic Surgery

Meg Ryan - Meg Ryan was a movie sweetheart thanks to her roles in “When Harry Met Sally” and her movies with Tom Hanks.  She was also married to Dennis Quaid for a decade. While the full list of procedures undergone by Ryan has never been publically acknowledged, it’s been whispered that she has had various fillers and a full facelift. Recent photos of Meg Ryan show her with incredibly inflated lips and cheeks. It’s also been speculated that she had a nose job and a lower eyelid lift!  All of this work stands in stark contrast to her sagging neck which seems to have not received any work at all.

Melanie Griffith - Melanie Griffith is another celeb with too much plastic surgery, Melanie has been around show business all of her life. She is the daughter of movie actress Tippi Hedren and stage actor Peter Griffith. Her famous husbands have included Don Johnson and Antonio Banderas. Griffith has been mocked in the past for having a severe case of “trout pout lips” that were believed to be the result of lip implants. Other (alleged) procedures that have made her unrecognizable to the general public include a boob job, an eyelift and some liposuction. Griffith is another example of a natural Hollywood beauty taking plastic surgery too far.

Janet Jackson - When the singing and dancing Jackson family is discussed, the many plastic surgeries of Janet Jackson come to mind. Janet started as a child actor and also appeared on stage with her brothers. Her music career took off and completely rivaled the success of Michael Jackson for a few years. However, her appearance has changed a great deal over the years. It’s been said that Janet Jackson has had a nose job, cheek implants and eyelid surgery. There was even a period between May 2013 and October 2014 where she wasn’t seen in public or photographed by the press. When she did emerge in 2014, photographers immediately noticed her overly arched eyebrows and much tighter face.

Demi Moore - Demi Moore was once one of the biggest box office stars in America as well as the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Her film roles have dwindled over the years and she has become better known for her adventures in plastic surgery. Demi Moore has undergone so many plastic surgeries she can be used as a standard of comparison for celebs with too much plastic surgery. In fact, the list of procedures people say Moore has undergone sounds like a long list of options available from a doctor as opposed to something one person has had in their lifetime. It’s been said that Moore has had injections to make her lips plumper, Botox to make her forehead smoother, cheek implants, breast augmentation, laser treatments to make her knees less wrinkled, fat grafting, facial peels and rhinoplasty. There is one other thing about Moore that has made her different over the years. She has been open about undergoing plastic surgery procedures as she has gotten older. While she has not admitted to all of the procedures listed above, she has not been shy about having surgeries to help her look younger.

Cardi B - All eyes have been on Cardi B ever since her breakout year of 2017. She has racked up a lot of awards including a Grammy and several number one spots on the Billboard Hot 100. Cardi B has been very open about her various plastic surgery treatments in the past. She admitted to undergoing breast augmentation and getting illegal butt injections.

Heidi Montag - When the name Heidi Montag pops up, the mind switches to one plastic surgery procedure or another. As “The Hills” began its descent from a being a fan favorite TV show, Montag also began her descent into multiple plastic surgeries. She has undergone a breast augmentation as well as a breast reduction and also had her ears pinned back, In fact, she once had ten plastic surgeries in one day. If there were an award for celebs with too much plastic surgery, she'd be a strong contender. A decade after having ten plastic surgeries, she admitted that she was in over her head and that she didn’t think through how life changing the process would be for her appearance.

Celebrities with Too Much Plastic Surgery Continues to Grow

The trend of plastic surgery in Hollywood does not appear to be slowing down anytime in the near future. As long as there are cameras and reporters and red carpet events, there will be celebrities attempting to look their best at each event. It’s not that celebrity plastic surgery is necessarily a bad thing as much as some celebrities tend to go overboard with one procedure after another on their bodies. When a celebrity gets to the point that they can’t be recognized by the public, it might be time for that person to consider not having any additional plastic surgery in the future.




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