British Surgeons Aim for Safer BBLs – Plan Revealed

Posted November 01, 2022
British surgeons want to create safer BBL procedures

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a popular buttock augmentation procedure as it gives the backside of a person an augmented and enhanced size and shape. Even though it is a popular procedure, there are some concerns surrounding the treatment such as the possibility of fat entering the bloodstream of the patient and blocking the circulation of blood. Across the pond, there are some surgeons in the United Kingdom who have released new guidelines to try and make a BBL a safer procedure for those who want to enjoy a bigger booty.

United Kingdom Surgeons Speak Out About Brazilian Butt Lift Safety

According to members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), the injections that are made to inject fat into the buttocks should not be placed as deeply into the body as they are currently performed by surgeons. If the injections as not as deep in the future, the group of surgeons hopes it will help to avoid common complications such as blood clots.

As mentioned above, there are concerns that the fat that is injected into the butt can cause a blockage in a blood vessel. When this happens, it is known as a pulmonary embolism and it can be fatal for a patient.

The BAAPS says that one of the problems with this fat transfer procedure is that the injections performed by surgeons are so deep that they can go into the muscle in the targeted area of the buttocks. Instead of being placed so deep in the buttocks, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons says doctors should place the injection just under the skin (into the area known as the subcutaneous layer). In addition, doctors are being given the suggestion that they should use an ultrasound scan to guide them during the process so they can more easily make sure the injection of fat remains in the correct zone of the body.

Even by taking extra steps to ensure patient safety, there are no guarantees that a Brazilian butt lift will be able to remain free of risks. The president of the BAAPS, Marc Pacifico, told a news outlet, “Unfortunately we don’t know how many people have been going for these risky BBL procedures. We have been recommending against it for a number of years after seeing quite a frightening death rate associated with it. But people have been going abroad to get it done.”

British Surgeons Make Recommendations About Finding a BBL Surgeon

Marc Pacifico, a fully accredited specialist in plastic surgery, says any patient who wants to have a Brazilian butt lift needs to properly and thoroughly research the doctor they have in mind along with the medical clinic or hospital where the surgery will be performed. “Make sure you ask if the surgeon will be using ultrasound for gluteal fat grafting. We are recommending that surgeons should only perform this with real time ultrasound guidance as the only way to ensure the procedure is performed superficially and safely.”

There are certain aspects of the BBL procedure and the expected results that patients need to know in advance. Check out the infographic below for more information:Brazilian Butt Lift Guide

Brazilian Butt Lift – Performance and Risks

In order to gain the needed amount of fat to give the butt a larger and more contoured look, the surgeon will remove excess fat from the body of the patient through the use of liposuction. The removed fat will need to be processed and purified before it is able to be placed back in the body. Once the fat is ready to be injected, it is placed in the buttocks by the surgeon. While all of the transferred fat will not survive the fat transfer process, enough will remain in the backside of the patient to give the butt a look that is rounder and bigger in size and shape.

Once the procedure has been performed, the patient will experience some level of bruising, pain, and discomfort in the treated area of the body. Some of the additional complications that a patient might experience include an infection and fat entering the bloodstream and blocking the regular circulation of blood.

Patients who notice any signs of complications or side effects are advised to check with their surgeon as soon as possible. The doctor might be able to advise the patient over the phone or the person might need to visit the office for a follow-up appointment. It is important for the patient to have an open and honest relationship with the doctor to the point that the person feels comfortable asking questions and contacting the surgeon in case of an emergency. If the patient does not feel comfortable talking to the doctor and/or asking questions and voicing concerns, that likely means the doctor of choice is actually not the best medical professional for the procedure as an open and professional relationship between the doctor and the patient is an important factor in the success of a Brazilian butt lift.

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