Breast Reduction Surgery - Why is it Performed?

Posted January 20, 2023

The size of the breasts can be an issue for some patients as the weight, size, and volume of the breasts can cause constant pain in the back and neck. In addition, overly large breasts can also limit the type of clothing people can wear and even prevent them from taking part in certain physical activities. Patients who experience these issues often turn to breast reduction surgery, AKA reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure where a surgeon removes excess fat, skin, and tissue from the breasts. Let’s take a look at why the surgery is performed and also discuss some possible risks of the procedure. The examination of breast reduction surgery begins with a look at breast reduction benefits from Cosmetic Town TV:

Breast Reduction Surgery – Reasons Why Surgeons Perform the Procedure

There are a number of reasons breast reduction surgery is performed on patients with large breasts. The overly large size and shape of the breasts can cause a person to experience chronic pain in the back, neck, and shoulders, as well as a constant rash or skin irritation underneath the breasts. In addition, large breasts can cause a person to have trouble wearing certain clothing or bras, suffer from poor self-esteem due to the size and appearance of the breasts, and experience ongoing nerve pain.

Even though breast reduction surgery can address the issues listed above, it is not recommended for someone who still wants to have kids as breastfeeding might be an issue after breast reduction surgery. It is also not recommended for a person who plans on losing a good amount of weight as this can cause changes in the size of the breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery – How it is Performed

When it comes to breast reduction surgery, a surgeon can use a number of techniques to remove the desired amount of fat, skin, and tissue from the breasts to make the breasts smaller in size.

An anchor pattern technique is when the surgeon creates incisions that run horizontally under the breast and then they go upwards in a vertical pattern towards, and around, the nipples in order to create an anchor pattern.

The surgeon can also make vertical incisions, and this is known as the short scar method. It is an ideal option for patients who do not need an excessive amount of tissue removed. The incisions created by the doctor will extend around the areola and then run in a vertical direction that goes downwards to the breast crease. The pattern that results from this technique is often described as having an appearance that looks like a lollipop.

There are also some patients who address the issue of excess fat in the breasts by having liposuction performed on the breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery – Possible Risks of the Procedure

Common risks associated with breast reduction surgery include

  • Bruising
  • Problems breastfeeding
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Asymmetry of the results
  • Changes in the sensation of the nipples

Breast Reduction Surgery – What to Expect After the Procedure

Once the procedure is completed, the breasts will be covered with bandages and the patient will need to wear a surgical bra in order to protect the breasts and hold them in the desired position. The patient might need to have a tube placed to help drain excess fluid and blood from the body.

During the first week after the surgical procedure, the breasts will be bruised and swollen and they will also have a tender feeling. Patients need to limit the amount and type of physical activities they perform during the healing process. The wearing of the surgical bra will help the breasts heal and also reduce the swelling that occurs after the procedure.

The results of breast reduction surgery can be seen immediately and can be quite dramatic in nature. The breasts will be smaller in size and weight. In addition, patients can also feel an immediate amount of relief from the chronic pain and discomfort they felt in the past. If the person has a vertical incision, the breasts will have a more shapely appearance. If the patient has anchor breast reduction surgery, the breasts will be wider and flatter in appearance.

In addition to the physical changes made to the appearance of the breasts, the patient can also gain an improved self-image and a greater amount of self-confidence in their appearance.

While the results are long-lasting and can be considered to be permanent, the breasts can become larger in size again as the result of a large weight gain or pregnancy.

Anyone who is interested in making a change in the size of their breasts through breast reduction surgery should schedule a consultation appointment with their doctor of choice. The surgeon can examine the current size and condition of the breasts and also set realistic expectations regarding the extent of the results the patient will enjoy after undergoing the surgery.

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