Breast Reduction Surgery - How is it Performed

Posted December 21, 2022
Breast reduction surgery performance

Breast reduction surgery, which is also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure that is performed in order to remove excess fat, skin, and breast tissue from the breasts. There are multiple reasons that patients might want to reduce the size of their breasts and these reasons are discussed in this informative article.

Breast Reduction Surgery – Reasons for the Procedure

Women who have breasts that are overly large or heavy often turn to breast reduction surgery to reduce their size and ease any discomfort they feel on a regular basis in the neck, shoulders, and back. They also might feel that smaller breasts will look more symmetrical and improve their appearance. In addition, the reduction of the breasts can also improve the self-image of a person and even make it easier for them to fit into certain clothing and bras or take part in sports or other physical activities.

Living with overly large breasts can also cause a person to experience chronic skin irritation, a rash under the breasts and even some nerve pain. Breast reduction can lessen the occurrence of these conditions.

Breast Reduction Surgery – Reasons Not to Have the Procedure

Breast Reduction Reasons Not to Have ProcedureWhen it comes to making the decision to have breast reduction surgery, it is generally not a recommended procedure for someone who does not want to undergo an invasive procedure or have the appearance of scars on their breasts.

Some of the other reasons to not have the surgery include the patient is planning on losing a significant amount of weight as this can often lead to changes in the size of the breasts.  In addition, someone who wants to have children in the near future should wait as breast reduction surgery can have an impact on the ability of a person to breastfeed their kids by making it difficult or even resulting in the inability to breastfeed.

There are also some risks involved with having the surgery and they include temporary bruising, scars, infection, bleeding, asymmetrical appearance to the breasts, numbness to the nipples and the skin around it, or not being happy with the overall results.

Breast Reduction Surgery – How is it Performed?

The surgery is performed in an accredited medical center such as a hospital or an outpatient surgical center. The method used to reduce the size of the breasts can vary and the final decision depends on the amount of reduction desired by the patient.

One breast reduction method is the anchor pattern technique where the surgeon makes incisions in a horizontal manner under the breast, in a vertical pattern, that goes up to, and around, the nipple in order to create an anchor pattern.

Another popular breast reduction technique is the vertical incision technique which is also known as the short scar method. This is an ideal technique for a person that does not need an excessive amount of breast tissue removal. In this method, the surgeon creates incisions that extend around the areola, as well as vertically down to the breast crease, in order to create a pattern that is often described as looking like a lollipop.

The surgeon might also need to perform liposuction in order to remove any excess fat that is located in the breasts.

While the surgeon will try and keep the appearance of the breasts similar in appearance, there is always the possibility that the shape and size of the breasts might not match completely. Plus, the size of the areola might be smaller after the surgery. Any scars created by the incisions will fade as time passes, but they will not completely fade away.

Breast Reduction Surgery – Recovery Period and Expected Results

At the start of the recovery period, the breasts of the patient will be covered with bandages and a surgical bra will need to be worn to support the breasts. Depending on the individual needs of the patient, the person might need to wear a drain in order to help the body get rid of any excess blood and fluid.

During the first few days or weeks after the procedure, the breasts will feel tender, and they might have a prolonged period of bruising and swelling. Patients will need to limit their physical activity (including strenuous activities) anywhere from four to six weeks while the breasts heal and the swelling and bruising resolve on their own.

Breast reduction surgery can provide dramatic results along with a feeling of relief from the problem of chronic pain and discomfort experienced by many women with large breasts. If the patient has an anchor breast reduction procedure, the results are often a flat and wide look to the breasts. If the procedure is the vertical incision technique, the breasts will enjoy a look that is more shapely in appearance.

Overall, the results should be long-lasting as long as the patient follows the post-op instructions from the surgeon. Anyone who has breast reduction surgery needs to be told in advance that there are some factors that can impact the final results and they include the aging process along with significant weight changes and becoming pregnant.

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