Botox Brow Lift - What to Expect

Posted May 23, 2023
Learn what a botox brow lift is

In the past, the phrase “brow lift” has brought to mind an invasive surgical procedure that also required some recovery time on the part of the patient. There is also the fact that the results of a brow lift are long lasting which means the person having the surgery needs to be prepared for the changes made to the brow to be visible for a long time. Patients who want to make changes to the brow without the need for an invasive surgical procedure can often have a Botox brow lift to make the desired changes.

Botox Brow Lift – What is It?

What is a Botox Brow LiftPatients can think of a Botox brow lift as a way to see if they like the changes made to the treated area without having to commit to invasive surgery.

The placement of Botox in the face relaxes the facial muscles in the treated area, such as the ones that pull the eyebrows downward, so the muscles responsible for lifting the eyebrows can “take control.” The most important muscle for this task is often considered to be the frontalis or forehead muscle since it is responsible for the elevation of the brows.

If a person raises their eyebrows while looking in a mirror, they will likely notice that the frontalis muscle will contract/wrinkle in order to lift the brow. If the doctor targets this muscle with an injection of a neuromodulator (such as Botox), the shape and position of the brow will change anywhere from one to three millimeters.

Botox Brow Lift – What are the Benefits of the Treatment

Some of the common benefits of a Botox Brow Lift include:

  • A reduction in the amount of eyelid hooding that is visible to others. The eyelid hooding is normally caused by the formation of excess skin above the eyelid due to the aging process. A Botox brow lift can raise the eyebrow to the point that the eyes gain a look that is more open, lifted, and refreshed.
  • The treatment is minimally invasive which makes it an ideal option for a person who wants to lift their brows but does not want to have an invasive surgical treatment.
  • The results are not permanent so anyone who is not happy with their results can rest easy knowing the results of the Botox injection will only last three to six months.
  • The injection of Botox can give a new and improved look to the eyebrows as well as give them a more symmetrical appearance.

Botox Brow Lift – How is It Performed?

This treatment option does not require much in the way of preparation before the procedure. Patients should remain hydrated and eat something before the treatment to avoid any kind of dizzy or lightheaded feeling after the injections are performed by the doctor.

During the treatment, the doctor might use ice packs to numb the areas where the injections will be made. The Botox will be injected using thin needles and the person will feel nothing more than a quick pinch.

Once the injections are completed, there might briefly be some tiny red bumps in the treated area that will quickly resolve on their own. There might also be some bruising that will be minimal in appearance. The aftercare instructions are not complicated as they usually include activity restrictions for a number of hours after the treatment and avoiding any exercise for twenty-four hours.

It can take about five to seven days for the results to start to become visible.

Botox Brow Loft – What are the Possible Side Effects?

The side effects of having Botox injected into the face are minimal. They normally include a possibility of a droopy upper eyelid (ptosis) and a chance of the results being asymmetrical in appearance.

Botox Brow Lift – Are There Any Alternatives to the Procedure?

If a person does not want the temporary results that can be gained from a Botox brow lift, they can consider undergoing an invasive brow lift. This option will likely provide both the greatest amount of brow elevation and results that last longer than a Botox brow lift.

In addition, there are more conservative treatment options available including the use of radiofrequency treatments or micro-focused ultrasound treatments to lift the brow. There is also the option of using a PDO thread lift to gain a dramatic amount of lifting to the brow.

No matter the treatment option patients think they want to undergo to lift the brow, they should have an examination performed by a doctor to make sure they are healthy enough to have a medical treatment. The doctor can examine the current condition of the brows to determine the best medical option to gain the results desired by the patient. Plus, the doctor can also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the desired treatment so the patient will have the necessary information to make an educated final decision about their procedure.

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