Best Los Angeles Lip Enhancement Doctors in 2021

Posted May 28, 2021
Top Lip Enhancement Doctors in Los Angeles

According to personality experts, the lips say a lot about a person. It has been said that a woman with full lips has a personality that is confident and courageous. As a person ages, the lips can start to lose volume and become thin in appearance. A person can also be born with lips that are naturally thin. Patients that are looking to augment and enhance the look of their lips often turn to lip enhancement procedures. One of the most popular destinations for lip enhancement surgery is Los Angeles as patients seek out the best doctor for lip augmentation so they can get the appearance of the lips of their favorite celebrities. The Cosmetic Town research team recently compiled a list of the “Best Los Angeles Lip Enhancement Doctors” for 2021 and they include:

Want to know more about the methods used by Cosmetic Town to identify the doctors that made out “best of” list this year? Here is an in-depth look at the Cosmetic Town intelligent system and how it picks the best cosmetic doctors in the United States.

Lip Enhancement – How it is Performed

There are multiple methods available to patients looking to enhance the appearance of their lips:

  • Fat transfer is when excess fat is removed from one part of the body of the patient, through the use of liposuction, so it can be injected into the lips. The removed fat is processed and purified before it is placed in the lips. The injection of the fat provides greater volume and contour to the lips.
  • Lip implants, made of a biodegradable substance or pliable, soft silicone rubber, are placed in the lips after tiny incisions are created in the corners of the mouth. The surgeon creates a “thin tunnel” in order to place the lip implants in the lips of the patient.
  • An upper lip lift starts with the creation of an incision at the base of the nose. The surgeon removes excess skin in order to shorten, and lift, the upper lip. An incision is made under the nose and then a small strip of skin and tissue is removed by the surgeon. The lip is then lifted to its new position, so it is able to expose a larger amount of the teeth and the pink area of the lip.
  • Lip fillers are injected into the lips to give them a shape that is full and contoured. Lip fillers are made of many different materials and each one contains either a natural, synthetic, or biocompatible material. They work to enhance the natural curves that exist on the visible part of the lips (the vermilion). Lip fillers can also be placed in the philtrum (the area that goes from the upper lip to the nose) or the double curve of the upper lip (the Cupid’s Bow) to increase the lip pout or the volume of the lips.

Best Los Angeles Lip Enhancement Doctors – How the Doctors were Selected

In order to identify eligible doctors for this list, our research team utilized a number of criteria to assemble the final list of lip enhancement doctors. In order to compile the list efficiently and accurately for this year, the Cosmetic Town intelligent system was used in order to examine the following items related to the doctors:

  • The amount of ongoing research efforts conducted by the doctors, along with the amount of peer sharing conducted by the doctors, was studied by our research staff. When referring to “peer sharing” for the purposes of our list, the research team studied the number of medical articles written by the doctors for inclusion in medical journals.
  • Consumer research was conducted, and this research was focused on the topic of cosmetic surgery. The research efforts that were performed included a study of reviews from actual patients, board-certifications held by the doctors, their years of medical experience and training and the proven results the doctors provided to their patients in the past.
  • The ongoing amount of educational efforts conducted by the doctors were examined by our research team. In terms of educational efforts, some of the items that were reviewed included Q&As, blogs, interactive seminars, and videos. In addition, these educational tasks were examined to make they were planned and executed to educate patients as well as inform them about the new medical techniques in the medical field of interest.

Los Angeles Lip Enhancement – A Popular Destination

Los Angeles is known for its celebrity sightings and the impact celebrities have on cosmetic surgery trends. Many patients like to travel to Los Angeles in order to visit the same doctors that perform cosmetic surgery on many of their favorite movie and TV stars. In addition, they like to travel for Los Angeles lip enhancement procedures in order to enjoy the sights in the surrounding cities of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood and the beaches of Southern California.

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