Best Doctors for Cosmetic Ear Surgery in Miami in 2019

Posted October 23, 2019
Best Doctors for Cosmetic Ear Surgery in Miami in 2019

The ears are not always symmetrical on the head when a person is born. The ears might have an appearance that seems too big for their head while other might have ears that greatly stick out from the head to the point that it is noticeable to others. Patients that want to make a change in the appearance of their ears can undergo otoplasty to achieve the look they desire. Otoplasty, which is also known as ear pinning, is cosmetic ear surgery that is performed to change the size, shape or appearance of the ears as well as correct deformities or defects in the ears. These defects or deformities can be present in the ears when a person is born or these conditions can also be the result of trauma or injury to the ears. Otoplasty can provide the symmetry that is missing to the ears as well as give a look to the ears that is more aesthetically pleasing to the patient. Otoplasty patients can range from teens and adults that have been unhappy with the look of their ears since they were kids. Otoplasty patients can also be newborn babies that have large or protruding ears. Patients that are looking to make a change in the appearance, size or shape of their ears can visit otoplasty ear surgery experts in Miami, as well as other cities across the country, to make the changes they want to see in the appearance of their ears.

In order to identify the top doctors for cosmetic ear surgery in Miami, the Cosmetic Town research team utilized the Cosmetic Town intelligent system to create a list of the “Best Doctors for Cosmetic Ear Surgery in Miami in 2019”:

Miami Otoplasty Options

Otoplasty begins with the doctor making an incision that is located behind the ear in order for the cartilage in that area to be exposed. After the creation of the incision, the surgeon will remove a certain amount of excess skin in order to achieve the desired results once the cartilage is reshaped. The ear can also be repositioned and located closer to the head after the incision is closed if the patient feels the ears are sticking out too far from the side of the head,.

Otoplasty surgery can be classified into two groups:

  • Cartilage Scoring – A technique where an incision is made in the cartilage of the ear so the cosmetic surgeon can add, remove or rearrange any tissue. Because an incision is created, patients run a higher risk of having a scar after the surgery.
  • Cartilage Sparing – An otoplasty technique that uses sutures and stitches to alter the position and overall shape of the ear. Because cartilage sparing is a less invasive otoplasty technique, patients have less of a chance of scars after surgery.

Miami Otoplasty for Newborn Babies

Babies that are born with overly large ears or ears that stick out too far from the head can have a procedure known as ear molding. This otoplasty technique can be performed even if the child is only a few weeks old. Ear molding is ideal for very young patients with ears that have not yet unrolled or they have ears with rims that are “scrunched in” since ear molding pushes the ear into a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

Otoplasty Price

The final cost of otoplasty surgery varies by the technique used by the surgeon, the area of the country where the procedure is performed, the amount of work that needs to be done during the otoplasty surgery to achieve the desired results and any fees charged by the doctor or the facility. Overall, the cost can run anywhere from $3000-$7000.

Otoplasty Results and Recovery

The recovery process for patients after otoplasty starts with the head of the patient needing to be wrapped in heavily padded cotton bandages. These bandages help hold the ears in place and protect them during the healing process. Once the heavy bandages are worn for a few days, the patient will have to wear a lighter bandage for a few additional days. After a week of recovery time has passed, a soft headband will be worn to hold the ears in their new position. Patients will have to sleep with their head elevated to minimize any swelling. The full recovery period for patients lasts from four to six weeks.

The results of otoplasty surgery will start to be seen once the bruising and swelling begins to go down on its own. Patients will continue to see improvements in their results for up to twelve months. The final results of otoplasty surgery are considered to be permanent as long as the patient does not suffer any trauma or injury to the ears.

Miami Otoplatsy Consultation Appointment

Adults and teens that are looking to make a change in the size, appearance or shape of their ears should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon that is experienced in performing all otoplasty techniques. The surgeon will take a closer look at the ears of the patient to determine how much of a change can be made in the appearance of the ears. The surgeon will also determine if the final appearance desired by the patient can be achieved through otoplasty.



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