Best Cosmetic Breast Surgery Doctors in New York

Posted April 17, 2019
The best doctors for cosmetic breast surgery in New York

The aging process, along with pregnancy or trauma to the body, can cause the breasts to begin to lose their shape as they start to sag and look droopy. In addition, a person might want to make an aesthetic change to the breasts by increasing their size, enhancing their contour or reducing the size of the breasts. In order to make the desired changes in the appearance of the breasts, patients can visit cosmetic breast surgeons to undergo cosmetic breast surgery to alter the contour or shape of the breasts or to rejuvenate their look in order to give them a more youthful appearance. Cosmetic breast surgery doctors in New York, as well as all across the country, can provide patients with the look they desire through a variety of techniques that provide the desired appearance to the breasts.

New York is one of the top areas of the country for cosmetic breast surgery. The Cosmetic Town research team has conducted extensive research, using the Cosmetic Town intelligent system, to compile the following list of the “Best Cosmetic Breast Surgery Doctors in New York”:

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Techniques Performed by the Best Cosmetic Breast Surgery Doctors in New York

Cosmetic breast surgery doctors in New York alter and enhance the appearance of the breasts through a variety of cosmetic surgery techniques:

Breast augmentation using implants, AKA augmentation mammoplasty, is a cosmetic breast surgery method for patients that want to enhance the appearance, size, contour and shape of the breasts. Some women might think their breasts are too small or they don’t like the appearance of their breasts because they are not the same size or they lack symmetry in their appearance. Cosmetic breast augmentation using breast implants is performed when the doctor places breast implants over or under the chest muscle of a patient via incisions that are made in the armpit, the lower breast fold or the areola which is the area that surrounds the nipple. Breast implants are made of a silicone shell that contains a silicone gel or they are made of saline AKA a salt water solution. Breast augmentation using breast implants should not be performed until the patient meets with the cosmetic breast surgeon for a consultation appointment.

The consultation appointment is the chance for the doctor and the patient to discuss the desired results and determine if the patient is an ideal candidate for cosmetic breast augmentation surgery. In addition, the surgeon will perform a thorough physical examination of the patient to determine if breast implants will give the desired results. The doctor will also set realistic expectations for the patient so the person does not expect results that will look unnatural on the body. Cosmetic breast augmentation results that are too large can create an appearance that is out of proportion with the other features of the body which make it obvious to others viewing the results that breast augmentation has been performed.

As mentioned above, the breasts can change shape as a person gets older. The breasts start to lose their shape and the skin located around the breasts can begin to sag. In order to reverse the results of the sagging of the breasts, patients can undergo a breast lift, AKA a mastopexy. A breast lift restores fullness to the breasts, and gives them a more youthful look, by removing excess skin and also tightening and lifting the remaining breast tissue. The surgeon has a number of incision options when performing a breast lift. They include: 

  • Donut AKA Periareolar: the incision goes around the areola area
  • Wise Pattern: the incision is made in the shape of an anchor so it goes around the chest and below the breast 
  • LeJeour: the incision goes around the areola and then moves downward

Women with breasts that are overly large can suffer a number of physical issues, such as back and neck pain, related to their large breasts. They can also suffer from self-esteem issues due to the amount of attention they get from others due to the large size of their breasts. Patients that undergo breast reduction surgery are looking to reduce the size of the breasts so they have a look and shape that is more flattering and aesthetically appealing. When performing breast reduction surgery, the doctor removes excess breast tissue as well as fat and skin located in the area surrounding the breast tissue. The removal of the extra breast tissue, fat and skin will reduce the overall size of the breasts.

Best Cosmetic Breast Surgery Doctors in New York Selection Process

The doctors on our list of the “Best Cosmetic Breast Surgery Doctors in New York” were selected using the Cosmetic Town intelligent system. Our research team examined the amount of patient satisfaction the patients felt with the doctors. In addition, the doctors were researched to determine the amount of patient education they perform on a regular basis as well as the amount of medical articles they write on an ongoing basis to share with their peers. Once the doctors were chosen that successfully passed our research criteria, the list was compiled so Cosmetic Town readers would know the best doctors for cosmetic breast surgery currently performing the above procedures in New York.



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