Beauty Boomtowns

Posted January 16, 2015

Earlier this month we at Cosmetic Town posted a blog about the newly booming cosmetic haven of South Korea.  But, what most readers don’t realize is that the mecca of cosmetic surgery, besides the U.S., is just south of us.  Central and South America, better known as Latin America, boasts five of the top 10 countries for cosmetic surgery.  Places like Brazil (2nd) Mexico (3rd), Colombia (5th), Venezuela (6th), and Argentina (9th) all combine to account for one in every ten cosmetic surgeries performed in the world.  This is mostly thanks to Dr. Ivo Pitanguy.  A pioneer in the cosmetic surgery field, this American and English trained doctor brought his talents back to his home country and created the whopping aesthetic/cosmetic surgery boom in a region of the world that has always been touted for its natural beauties.  Not only is Latin America, and Brazil specifically, a hot spot for cosmetic surgery tourism and learning, but it is also a boomtown, so to speak, amongst its own citizens.   In some cases, certain cosmetic surgeries are so common that they can be written off on your taxes. 

This obsession with physique, beauty and in lots of men and women’s eyes, butts and boobs, has created a culture of people no longer being tied to their genetics.  Most young men and young women, and old men and old women, now have the same persistent thought, “If I don’t it, I can pay to have it changed, and that’s ok to do.”


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