Plastic Surgery Transformation - Woman Look Like Human Cat (Meow)

Posted January 08, 2024
Learn about a woman who looks like a cat

The decision to have plastic surgery is driven by different motivations for each patient. Some people want to make changes to the size and shape of their breasts or buttocks while others might want to make functional changes such as rhinoplasty to help a person breathe more easily on a daily basis. There are also some patients who want to make a complete transformation to their look, and this includes an Italian woman whose story is shared in this article. What kind of drastic change does she want to make to her appearance?

She is trying to achieve her dream of “transitioning” into a cat.

Patient Tries to Look Like a Cat – What is the Motivation?

Patient Tries to Look Like a Cat Chiara Dell’Abate, who is twenty-two years of age, has undergone over twenty body modification surgeries to change her look to one that resembles a cat. Her videos on TikTok have been viewed by millions of people and they have even earned her the reputation of being “disturbed” or “psychotic.” No matter the opinion of others, she seems to be quite happy with her decision. In an interview, Chiara AKA Aydin Mod, said, “I’m thinking that I would be a pretty cool cat lady.”

This fan of felines said the changes in her appearance were inspired by people comparing her to a cat even through she never had a plan to look like a cat. “I think becoming a cat lady is more appropriate for me as I don’t really want to look like a cartoon character. I have always loved cats, and I think I’ll look really bold and fierce as a cat lady with the right body mods.”

Patient Tries to Look Like a Cat – Procedures Revealed

Her first body modification surgery was at the age of eleven when she had an ear stretching procedure and a piercing. It only took her five years to reach a total of seventy-two piercings that drew comparisons to the character of Pinhead from “Hellraiser.”

To date, she has undergone over twenty body modifications and a partial list includes 0.8cm upper lip piercings, punched nostrils, and a 1.6cm piercing of the inner labia. In addition, she is able to flick her split tongue through two holes that are gaping above her lips.

She has also undergone blepharoplasty surgery to remove excess fat and skin from the eyelids as well as having ten subdermal implants placed in both hands.

Her altered appearance also includes eyeball tattoos, the removal of her nipples, four horns, and six genital beads. According to Dell’Abate, “It’s crazy to see how much the human body can change and what you can actually achieve from body modifications.”

Even with her modifications to look like a cat, she will still need more procedures beyond her permanent eyeliner, pointed ears, nails that look like claws, and implants in her forehead. “To achieve the full cat-like look, I will need a cat eyes lift or canthoplasty – surgery to produce more elongated and naturally almond-shaped eyes – teeth reshaping, upper lip cut, more fillers. I’ll put a thing call transdermal, which is like a huge micro dermal to attach a tail and definitely more tattoos.”

The list of additional procedures is also scheduled to include breast augmentation and a slit being cut into her septum using a scalpel.

Since she is having plastic surgery procedures on a regular basis, Dell’Abate was asked if it is a painful process. Her reply was that she is “more or less used to it. Procedures of any kind hurt a lot, but the pain is temporary and not a big deal to me.”

Patient Tries to Look Like a Cat – What Does the Public Think of This Idea?

Her radical transformation has made her a target of criticism online. Here are some of the comments about her decision to alter her look to resemble a cat:

  • “I have so many questions…None of which I actually want answering.”
  • “There’s a huge difference between self-modification and mutilation. She has been turned into a monster.”
  • “When did your life go wrong”
  • “What happens inside someone’s head that makes them think that is a good idea?? I’m genuinely curious…how is that not just straight-up embarrassing?”

The feline fan has said that not all of the comments and feedback about her look have been hateful or negative. “I receive a lot of kindness mostly. People write to me about how much I inspire them to be free and have changed their views on appearances and beauty.”

In general, she views the changes to her look as a type of “self-expression” that is not rooted in the perceptions of other people. Instead, she wants the public to know that she is happy with her decision. “Through them (body mods), I feel free to stay true to myself, regardless of what peopled think. They make me fee good, and that’s what matters.”

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