BBL - What is a Brazilian Butt Lift and why is it Popular?

Posted October 09, 2020
Learn about a Brazilian butt lift and also why it is popular

In the current “social media” world, a toned and contoured backside is one of the most desirable body parts that people like to feature on their Instagram and TikTok accounts. While some people go to the gym on a daily basis to achieve the booty of their dreams, there are others that decide to go the surgical route to get a more enhanced butt. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has reported that buttock augmentation through fat grafting is growing in popularity with over 24,000 procedures performed as recently as the calendar year of 2018.  Buttock augmentation with fat grafting is also known as a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). Let’s take a look at what is involved in the procedure to determine why it is so popular among patients.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Explained

A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure where fat is removed from one area of the body) via liposuction that has excess and stubborn fat to spare. It is known as a “Brazilian butt lift” because the surgery was performed and televised by a surgeon in the 90s. The patient for the surgery happened to be Brazilian so the phrase “Brazilian butt lift” was born.

A BBL allows a patient to gain a larger and more enhanced backside without the need to have any type of butt implant placed in the buttocks. In addition, the area where the fat is removed enjoys a reduced level of fat and a more contoured look.

The liposuction process begins with the creation of a small incision so a cannula can be inserted into the area where the excess fat is located. The fat cells are broken apart thanks to the motion of the cannula and a solution that is made of saline, lidocaine and epinephrine. A vacuum that is attached to the cannula removes the fat cells and fluid from the targeted area. Once the fat is removed, it is processed and purified before being placed in the buttocks through an injection.

Because the fat that is transferred into the booty comes from the patient’s own body, a Brazilian butt lift has a very small risk of causing an infection or being rejected by the body of the patient. The final result is a slimmer look and a more contoured shape.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery and Results

During the BBL recovery process, patients will have to avoid sitting because prolonged pressure on the treated area can cause the fat cells to die.  During the first six weeks of the Brazilian butt lift recovery period, the body generates a blood supply around the new fat cells. Patients that must sit during this first two to four weeks will need to use a special pillow that is shaped like a donut.

Patients will see some immediate improvement in the shape of the buttocks. However, it can take three months for the final results to be visible thanks to residual swelling. The final results should be permanent as long as the patient does not go through any excess loss or gaining of weight.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost

The cost of a BBL depends on the desired final results, the amount of fat that is needed to perform the procedure and the area of the country where is it performed. Overall, the final BBL price can be anywhere from $2450-$10,425.

Reasons for BBL Popularity

Brazilian butt lift popularityOne of the reasons that the Brazilian butt lift has grown in popularity is because the idea of what is beautiful has shifted to embracing a curvy shape along with a full and round butt.

In addition, celebrities have helped to create the growth in popularity of the procedure. They spotlight their enhanced and contoured backside on social media, during red carpet events and also in music videos and when they are performing on a stage.

The rapid growth in popularity has really happened in the last decade and does not seem to be decreasing anytime in the near future. While many women were looking for a great amount of augmentation in the beginning, there are now some patients that still want a contoured and fuller look but in a more subtle fashion.

In addition, the desire for more subtle results comes from patients that want to make sure their results do not look unnatural to others. They want to make sure that it is not obvious to others that a BBL procedure has been performed on their backside.

It is important for patients to find a doctor that is experienced in performing Brazilian butt lift procedures and providing patients with the results they desire. BBL doctors can examine a patient to make sure the person has enough excess and stubborn fat for BBL fat transfer to the buttocks. In addition, the doctor will discuss the desired final results with the patient to make sure the person is healthy enough to have the procedure and also has realistic expectations about what can be achieved by undergoing a Brazilian butt lift.



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